How has technology become a blessing for housing society associations and managing committees? 

Members of a housing society managing committee are besought with routine operational activities like collecting monthly dues, paying common utilities bills, handling complaints from maintenance staff and residents and a number of expected and unexpected tasks. To make things more stressful,  tightening of security and privacy of residents has become an ever growing need considering the present times. 

Here’s how technology has become a boon for RWA/MC to streamline various activities of their societies:

No more security lapses

Intelligent society management apps like MyGate automate gatekeeping through a passcode verification system where only visitors and guests who have received a one time password from the resident can enter upon authentication on the guard’s app. Frequent visitors like maids and vendors are given a unique password for daily entry. Small tasks can also be automated with features like Overstay Alert for visitors staying beyond designated time, child safety protocol, group pass generation for contractors/hired labour and panic alert features in case of accidents or other domestic emergencies. 

RWA can be rest assured that any physical effort taken in ensuring society’s security can be minimised while security can be bolstered multifold. 

Other useful features include selfie based guard attendance for the convenience of MC and domestic help attendance, ratings and arrival alert to residents in-app. 

Finance and accounting made simpler

Society accounting apps, MyGate have a unified dashboard for the convenience of RWA/MC who can login as Admin and access a fully customisable accounting suite in-app through which they can:

  • Send monthly targeted invoicing to flats and towers with preconfigured formula for hybrid, flat rate and sq feet rate
  • Send unlimited SMS and email reminders
  • Get collection, advance, arrears and defaulters reports per individual apartment and group details
  • Charge penalties to defaulters and get credit, debit notes
  • Different accounting headers can be created for categories like daily book, general ledgers, outgoing expenses like common light bills, vendor expenses and approvals like waste management and composting agencies.
  • All these get auto reconciled based on the payments received and made from different society bank accounts.
  • One-click payments for all residents via the app
  • Admin can create different accounting reports with GST calculation and any other applicable taxes, including BS, P&L, GST Report, TDS Report, etc.

Complaint management streamlined

RWA/MC no longer have to bear the brunt of hearing about broken plumbing or lift failure complaints. Residents can simply raise a ticket in-app for any maintenance and service requests the status of which they can check in real-time as open, closed, in progress, etc. 

Facilities and amenities management made transparent

Residents can easily book preferred or available slots for clubhouse, gym, pool, etc through an in-app calendar. RWA/ADMIN can limit the number of slots allowed per month for each household to maintain fairness in slot allocation. This ensures that no amenities get overused and MC faces no complaints from dissatisfied residents who don’t get a fair chance to use the amenities. 

Value added benefits

RWA/MC get to enjoy the credit of enabling the residents the benefits of tie-ups with leading online vendors like Swiggy, Zomato, for contactless deliveries, emergency health services from StanPlus, Portea and Nightingales and discounted health check-ups from M-fine amongst other valuable partnerships with society management apps like MyGate. 

An intelligent society management app can make the life of society administrators far simpler, their days more productive and effortless as every physical task that takes time, energy and resources can be easily automated through simple workflows while keeping your data safe and secure in a private cloud and international standards of encryption.

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