How to Transfer Files from OneDrive to Another OneDrive Efficiently 

Transfer Files from OneDrive to Another Account Modern Day Solution

If you are seeking the best way to move large files to OneDrive, you can find the answer in this article. Go through this article, to learn effective ways to transfer large files from OneDrive to another account with a detailed step by step procedure. 

Can We Transfer Large Files from OneDrive to Another Account?

“We are urgently looking for an effective solution to migrate 250 user’s OneDrive accounts with more than 2TB of data to another OneDrive account. As we are facing a merger situation in our organization and we have to perform this task as soon as possible. We do not want to hamper the running business, please suggest any software that then easily get over this task. Thanks!”

How do I Move Files to a Different OneDrive Account?

Many users who are not familiar with OneDrive/Office 365 might be confused to move large number of files to OneDrive. However, the manual process is quite handy and users can easily perform minor data migration with a manual approach. Users only need to figure out the data size limitations of different migration approaches and then choose the suitable method to perform this operation.

As we all are quite aware of the limitations of using the manual approach for this operation. Moreover, users might face data loss while managing the post-migration data in a manual way as it does not maintain the folder structure and integrity.

In the coming section, we are going to provide the best way to overcome the manual method limitations and drawbacks. Read carefully and follow the same.

Best Approach to Transfer Files to OneDrive via a Professional Tool

In the absence of any software provided by Microsoft itself. Therefore, you are advised to use OneDrive Migration Tool, which is a free cloud migration software for Windows PCs. It has various smart features that make it a one-stop solution some of them are listed below:

This utility allows you to migrate files from your source OneDrive to destination OneDrive quickly without data size limitations. Moreover, it does not impose any restrictions on your data transfer speed, it depends totally on your network connectivity.

It also allows you to migrate files selectively with its date-based filter feature. You just need to select the desire date range from the given options and this utility will only migrate those data to the destination account safely.

This is quite easy to use utility with its simple graphical GUI, users can figure it out quickly even for using the first time. Moreover, it has remarkable power for performing multiple migrations simultaneously in OneDrive/Office 365.

Let’s discuss the step by step procedure for this operation.

Working Steps to Move Files to a Different OneDrive Account

Please refer to the listed steps below to perform this task safely:

Step 1. Download, install and launch the software on your local computer. Now, opt for Office 365 as the source and the destination migration platform. 

 Step 2. Now, enable the document migration from the workload selection and allow migrate document permission and enable group mapping option in order to move a large number of files from OneDrive to another account.

Note: Use a smart Date filter for selective data transfer according to a particular date range. In order to use it define the date range from the given box and the software will only migrate those data to the destination OneDrive account.

Step 3. Provide the Admin account credentials of Office 365 such as Admin ID and Application ID. And validate the required permissions by hitting the validate button.

Step 4. Create group mapping between Office 365 source and destination tenants, in order to do this use any of these three options offered by this utility such as Fetch Users, Import Users, and Download Template in order to transfer files from OneDrive to OneDrive for business.


Step 5. When mapping gets completed, validate permissions by hitting the validate button in order to move files to a different OneDrive account.

Step 6. Now in this last step click on the start migration button. The software will start the migration process shortly and depending on the size of data, the software will complete the whole process in a minimum span of time. 

Final Verdict

Transferring files to OneDrive account can be an easy task to perform if we choose the right approach according to our needs. Both the ways that are mentioned above can help users to accomplish this task in OneDrive. 

However, if you want to migrate files automatically without any data limitation, users must better rely on the above mentioned software. And in this way, users can easily move large files from OneDrive to another account with maximum data security and integrity without hampering the running business.

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