How to Transfer OneDrive to OneDrive for Business – 2 Guaranteed Solution

Transfer OneDrive Data to OneDrive for Business – 2 Proven Ways

Do you want to transfer OneDrive to OneDrive for business? If your answer is yes, then just go through this blog and find out the easiest steps to transfer OneDrive files to OneDrive for business without facing any difficulties. Let’s get started

Before getting into the step-by-step guide for this task let’s have a quick overview of real-life scenarios where users face many difficulties in order to perform this operation.

User’s Question:

  1. Is there any way to copy/transfer the content of my OneDrive (Microsoft account) to my academic OneDrive for Business that my university uses (Office 365)

Or do I have to sync to the local disk and then copy between the two synced folders?

  1. I originally thought it would be super easy since they both reside on Microsoft’s network, but after some search, I actually couldn’t find any direct mechanism.
  2. The OneDrive account has a large number of small files, which means transferring to local -> then uploading to another OneDrive would be extremely slow and will likely hit some heavy OneDrive throttle in no time.
  3. Need some advice on moving files from OneDrive for business to another OneDrive account. Are there any migration tools available? I have around 150GB to move. Thanks.


As, it is quite evident from the above user’s queries, that migrating OneDrive from one account to another could be a daunting task, if not followed the right approach for it. 

In this write up we are going to provide you the 2 major techniques by which you can easily migrate data from OneDrive to another.

We generally consider these two approaches for this operation:

  1. Download & Upload Manual Solution
  2. Reliable & Secure Automated Solution

Let’s discuss the step-by-step procedures for both these techniques one by one.

#1 Download & Upload Manual Solution to Migrate OneDrive For Business To Another Account

Step: 1 Open your internet browser and log in to your source OneDrive account

Step: 2 Make a backup copy, on your local storage by selecting all the required files and folders from this source OneDrive account.

Step: 3 Now, log in with your destination OneDrive account credentials and upload all the downloaded data to this account.

This is all? Is this approach that easy?? Wait, what if you have tons of data to migrate or multiple user’s accounts to migrate?? then, it is not possible to migrate large data files or multiple user’s accounts through this approach, as it requires multiple logins of user accounts. Moreover, there are numerous limitations and drawbacks to using this approach.

Hence, let’s discuss the best alternative for this manual approach.

#2 Recommended & Secure Way to Transfer OneDrive to OneDrive for Business

To overcome all the difficulties and challenges faced by users, we would like to suggest you OneDrive for Business Migration Tool, it is being the most reliable secure, and smooth software to migrate OneDrive for business data to another account. This program can ensure 100% user data security and integrity at the post-migration stage. 

Smart Working Steps to Migrate OneDrive for Business to Another Account 

Carefully follow these given instructions to perform this operation using the automated solution:

Step 1. You need to download, install and run this wizard on your local computer. While opening opt Office 365 as the source and the destination migration platform.

Step 2. Now, mark check, the checkbox for Document and enable migrate document permissions and group mapping and hit Next button in order to migrate OneDrive data to OneDrive for business. 

Note: Use the date filter i.e. an option to migrate the selective data, based on a specific date range. Which further reduces the time and efforts of users. You just need to select the desired date range from the given calendars and this tool will only migrate those data.

Step 3. Now, provide the Office 365 admin account details like admin ID and application ID and hit validate button for its permission validation. 

Step 4. Here, you need to create a group mapping of Office 365 users, between the source and destination tenant. Use any of these options Fetch Users, Import Users, and Download Template, and create it.

Step 5. Once, user mapping is created validate all the required permissions by clicking on the validate button. Lastly hit the start migration button to transfer OneDrive to OneDrive for business.


As due to the unavailability of any reliable or direct manual method we have come up with the most secure and reliable way to perform data transfer projects in Office 365 or OneDrive. However for limited data files, the manual way can be used but for larger data files and multiple user’s account migration, it is suggested to use the above-given tool. A tried and tested secure solution to transfer OneDrive data to OneDrive for business.

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