Is smart watch good for kids

In the 21st century, we all are proceeding toward a smart system. From smartphones to smart homes, we are developing everything gradually. For kids, the market is flooded with many gadgets. And all are not advantageous to them. But what you think about a smartwatch? Is a smartwatch good for kids? People who are using it know how suitable and useful smartwatches are. And for kids, it can be best if it is used in the right way. Smartwatch is advantageous in several ways. Instead of giving a smartphone to your kid, amaze him with a smartwatch.  Smartwatches can play a significant role between parent and child. The parent can use smartwatches to track their kid, efficiently communicate with them, and do many more things. Let’s check out how righteous a smartwatch is for our kids.


GPS is a fantastic inbuilt feature present in many smartwatches.  It assists parents to track small children or children with specialized necessities. GPS is a must-have characteristic of a smartwatch. 

Usually, a SIM card is required to connect the parent’s smartphone to the child’s watch. Not only this, but this GPS characteristic of a smartwatch can help the older child also.  Did you know that few smartwatches are also allowing two-way phone calls feature?  With this feature, parents or children can easily contact each other.  Cool, right?  In such cases, the smartwatch also necessitates a SIM card.  If you are thinking to astonish your children on their birthday, then a smartwatch is an astounding idea.  So, without thinking twice, you should buy one for your child.

Fitness track:

Nowadays, children are mostly staying indoors and don’t act in outdoor activities. This bad habit can put children’s health at risk.  

The fitness tracking feature of the smartwatch can encourage the children to stay fit. They can keep track of their steps count as well as daily activities.  Even parents can set a target of step counts for their children and encourage them to complete it. It will only help the children to be physically fit, but they will be mentally fit also. This feature of the smartwatch is advantageous for kids.


Sitting in one place can lead to backache or other severe issues, even in children. If your children are watching TV for long hours or playing video games without any break and complaining about eye pain or body ache. It is an alarming situation for you. But no need to worry! Because smartwatch got your back. You can set a reminder for different things that encourage kids to walk throughout the day.

For example: Add a reminder to drink water after every hour, go for a walk with your dad, or wash your face, etc.  You can add a reminder of anything that you wanted your kids to do.

SOS button:

The SOS button is for emergency cases. Just like smartphones, the smartwatch can also distract the kids from focusing on their classwork. Parents and teacher never allow kids to play a game while your class is going on. 

The feature that we required for such a situation is an SOS button.  The SOS button will send notifications or calls to preprogrammed preferred emergency numbers. This feature helps the kids to focus on their classwork.

Location Alert Function:

As a parent, it gives us a heart attack if our child disappears in front of our eyes. But smartwatches have one solution for that.  Few smartwatches have the function of geofencing and location alert. You set a distance limit in your child’s smartwatch, and when the child moves away from a preprogrammed distance limit, the parent will get a location alert notification on your smartphone. Such wonderful features of a smart watch making it worth buying.  For kids and kids with specialized needs, it plays a vital role even in daily life.


Durability plays a significant role if you are buying a smartwatch for your kid.  Children have a rough and tough lifestyle. So, smartwatches should be durable.

The smartwatch face should be water and scratch-resistant. And the size of the band should be flexible so that it can easily fit the wrist of a small kid. Most smartwatches are durable, so don’t hesitate to buy one for your kid.

Battery life:

For kids, the smartwatch should have long battery life. So that parent doesn’t need to charge it frequently.  Did you know that charging a smartwatch so often can frustrate the child as well as parents? Therefore, smartwatches are coming with the longest battery life. Also, the charging mechanism of smartwatches is smooth. Even the older child can charge their smartwatch.

While using it the first time, go through the whole instruction given in a manual and charge it for the specific time mention in the manual.  So that child does not face any issues while using it.

A coin always has two sides. In the same way, smartwatches also have a few cons like a security issue and EMF radiation. 

The smartwatch is a wireless communication gadget that can be potentially hacked by a hacker. It is not ethically or morally ok to track someone else child. The smartwatch companies should consider this issue seriously.

You should take some other precautions while giving a smartwatch to your child.

  1. Don’t allow your child to sleep along with a smartwatch on.
  2. Give rest to your mind before bedtime. So disconnect your smartwatch two-three hours ere bedtime. Occupy yourself in other fascinating activities like book reading etc.

“Today’s parents are too smart to take a wise decision for their children’s welfare.

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  1. Kids nowadays are so lucky to have modern technologies at their home itself. But there are some risks in that too. Using a smartwatch doesn’t seem to be risky. It also has a GPS and fitness tracker that helps them in some ways also. It also remained them of their daily activities and also looks cool in their hands.


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