Learn to Convert EML to Outlook 2016 Without Any Failure

There is a huge amount of users who want to know how they can convert EML to Outlook 2016 since a lot of these users have started moving to Outlook. 

Outlook is already well-known amongst the most popular email clients and it is only growing and being used more everyday. Now, users have been moving from other email clients to Outlook and want to move their data along. 

Let’s check out a user query to help you understand why users want to move EML files to Outlook 2016. 

User Query – When I switched from my previous organization to the one I’m currently working at, I had taken a backup of a lot of my emails in .eml file format. Now, I’m using Outlook as my email client and need to open these files in my Outlook account on Mac. How can I do so without having any changes being made to my data? 

Well, there are solutions for this. Continue reading the blog till the end to get the best results. 

Expert-Suggested Solution to Convert EML to Outlook 2016

There are a few manual solutions that the users can adopt but those methods have some drawbacks associated with them. The manual methods and the limitations will be mentioned in the blog later to give users a choice and clarity for which solution is the best for them. 

Here, we have the EML to PST Converter Tool for Mac which is capable of converting the EML files to Outlook supported file in batched as quickly as possible. You can export n number of EML files along with the integrated attachments. 

This software supports EML files created by all the email clients and is compatible with Mac OS 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, and all the above versions. 

How to Move EML files to Outlook 2016 Using the Tool?

Following instructions show how you can perform the conversion task:

  1. Install and Launch the tool and click on the Add File(s) option.

  2. Choose the files you want to convert and select Open button. Hit Next.

  3. Mark the PST radio button and the checkbox for Maintain Folder Hierarchy option. Apply filters.

  4. Click on the Change button to add a destination location, select the New Folder option and hit Create.

  5. Finish the process by clicking on the Export button.

When the process finishes, you will be given an option to View Report. Click on that option and you will be able to see the details such as Source Files, Destination Files, Mail Count, Fail Count, Export Status etc. 

Manual Approaches to Convert EML to Outlook 2016

Here we have two methods to help users get their .eml files exported to Outlook supported files manually. The solutions are as follows:

  • Use Windows Live Mail 
  • Use Microsoft Outlook Application

Both the methods are explained in the next section step-by-step followed by the limitations that these bring along. Understand these carefully and then choose which workaround is best-suited for you. 

Approach 1 – Move EML Files to Outlook 2016 Using WLM

Follow these steps to transfer the data:


  1. First of all, launch the Windows Live Mail app on your system.
  2. From there, click on the File tab and highlight the Export option.
  3. Now choose the Email messages and select MS Exchange as the export type. Hit Next.
  4. A dialogue box will appear containing all the selected data to be converted. Click on OK.
  5. Select either of the options: Migrate All Email Folders or Necessary Folder to Export and hit OK.
  6. You will see a dialogue box pop-up having the Export Complete Wizard. Press Finish to complete the process.

There is another way to convert EML to Outlook 2016. 

Approach 2 – Using MS Outlook App for the Conversion Procedure

This is a drag and drop method which will help you import your EML files to Outlook accessible file format. Follow the steps:

  1. You have to start by opening your Outlook account.
  2. Now, find the files you want to convert and select them.
  3. Then, drag the selected files and drop them into the Outlook application.

After this, you will be able to open and preview the EML files in Outlook. Now, if there are multiple EML files, this method will not be able to help you. 

Let’s understand the drawbacks that are associated with these solutions in the following section. 

Disadvantages of Using the Manual Methods to Move EML Files to Outlook 2016

  1. Using the manual methods might result in a high risk of data loss which is not a suitable condition for any of the user.
  2. If there is any failure caused due to human errors, the method might become a lengthy and complicated task.
  3. This solution is not suggested to convert large number of EML files. If you want to transfer only a few files then you can use this solution. Otherwise wouldn’t be a wise decision for conversion.
  4. In case you skip any step while performing the task, it may cause error which then lead to a lot of time-consumption.

These reasons show why you should not rely on the manual methods to convert EML to Outlook 2016. 

This Would be the Ending Note

There is a majority of users who think that keeping EML files in their Outlook account would be a great choice for keeping their data safe. As mentioned in the blog above, the manual methods to perform the conversion task are not as easy to undertake as shown. 

Sometimes you might find yourself in situations where your files are missing, or damaged, or the process is taking too long to finish. To avoid such cases, you should go for the expert-suggested method to move EML files to Outlook 2016 and get the best and the most satisfying results. 

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