LG Plans to Increase its Smartphone Display Market Share with Stretchable Display

by Calvin on February 23, 2021

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Some might claim that smartphones are becoming boring while there are many that are trying to defend that. 

True be told, there are several reasons why smartphones are still an interesting technology and in the coming years, it will be changing. Starting with the display. 

Nobody had guessed in the ’90s that by 2020, we would have technology like smartphones instead of flying cars. 

Smartphones are the best tool a human can possess. And that is one of the reasons why it can’t be boring. 

Further, we are in an era where soon enough folding smartphone would get mainstream. Thanks to companies like Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola we have foldable smartphones.

Also, some companies are working on other types of display such as rollable to provide more display if need be. Samsung reportedly working on it while Oppo showed its rollable phone concept. 

Midst of these last year, LG announced that the company would start working on stretchable displays and hopefully will develop by 2024. 

Well, it seems like LG is taking its initiative seriously as the company wants to dominate and secure the stretchable display market with innovation and of course patent protection. 

Recently, the USPTO published three patent applications for LG Display, a subsidiary of LG Electronics. All three patent applications apparently discuss a Stretchable Display Device. 

As per the patents, LG is forming stretchable displays on flexible materials such as plastic to make next-generation devices. 

The patents further talk about how it would improve the image quality of a stretchable display device by configuring various connection lines to limited space. 

The connection lines are formed to have a parallel connection structure so that a resistance characteristic is improved and the reliability of the stretchable display device is improved.

LG already has stretchable display monitoring and screen.

Source: LG

So, LG already has some experience and that would make the work easier. 

Is LG the only one who is making Stretchable Display?

LG announced the last year about the development of a stretchable device. But as per its patent filing, the company has been working on stretchable displays for more than three years. 

More than 20 patent applications have been filed by LG in the USPTO on the stretchable device. 

So, it clears the fact that LG is researching it for quite some time. 

But it is not the only company working on it. 

Apparently, Samsung, the leading display company, is also working on stretchable displays for some time. 

As per patent filings in the USPTO, Samsung has been working on the displays since 2015 and has filed more patent applications than LG on it. 

Who is leading: Samsung or LG?

The question is not just apply to one industry. Both Korean giants compete with each other for many industries like electronic gadgets, home appliances, smartphones, display market, even on technology like 5G where both are top companies with most 5G patents

As of now, it is unclear if Samsung or LG is leading the stretchable display market. Patents give an idea but it doesn’t tell if one company is leading based on the count, especially if the count doesn’t have a big difference. 

Samsung started early researching in the display and its mostly patent published in 2016 and some little share hold by 2017, 2018, and 2019. But 2020 doesn’t have many patent publications whereas LG’s most patents published in 2020. 

The competition is tough but ultimately who would release the product first would be the winner. 

Samsung with foldable phones has a bigger lead on LG. Further Samsung has the biggest share in the smartphone display market with 50%. 

So, we can say that Samsung has an edge over LG. How LG will try to take a lead would be interesting?

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Alex Jackson February 24, 2021 at 21:07

Fascinating stuff. LG hasn’t made huge inroads into the US markets, thus you can get one of their flagship devices at a good price. I have bought several over the years. They make an excellent product. This stretchable screen concept is pretty cool. Thanks for the post.
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Aditya February 25, 2021 at 15:10

Very informative.

LG needs to regain its popularity.



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