Redroad V17: surging suction, stunning look & great value

Do you miss the good old days when shopping was fun? Now with excess choice at our finger tip, it has somehow become an arduous task. But if you are looking for a cordless stick vacuum cleaner, we happen to have some tips: choose the one with a high suction, good look, and great value.

Isn’t ‘great value’ common sense, you may think. But actually, many people end up buying a cheap vac only to find out how incapable, shoddy, and a waste of money it is. The others reach deeper in their pockets to buy a ‘brand name’ without realizing they could have got one with the same, if not better, performance at a much cheaper price.

Redroad V17 has the best value we’ve seen so far; It cleans with flying colors, offers a 2-year warranty, and is listed at only $350.

Redroad also has a surging suction. 

The speed of V17’s digital maglev brushless motor reaches a whopping 120,000rpm, surpassing that of 98% other vacs. But unlike many others of the top 2%, Redroad V17 restrains from tuning up the motor speed to a vainly impressive level at the risk of compromised motor service life or increased noise. To further boost the suction in a healthier (though not easily noticed) way, Redroad V17 turns to optimized the air duct design.

With the 450W motor and now patented air duct design, Redroad realizes a 155AW suction or 26,500pa vacuum pressure, marking the highest in the category, while keeping a low noise.

With the surging suction but moderate motor temperature and muffled noise, Redroad V17 will give you a enjoyable time sweeping all the hair, dust bunnies, mites, bacteria and pollen in the house.

Many may think the look doesn’t matter much for a vacuum cleaner. But Redroad designer believes that a good-looking vac could make the daily cleaning chore more pleasant.

The dust cup is made from highly transparent polymers. Aside from being elegantly crystal, it has a practical advantage: you can see the waste clearly and know when to empty it.

As for the HEPA filters that you need to replace regularly, Redroad V17 provides a colorful variety of the cover. You can choose the colors you like and customize the look of your own V17. Alternative HEPA filters are currently available in Redroad stores.

Strong performance and stunning look at $350, Redroad is worth every penny you pay.

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