Rules of Mobile App Distribution: Major checklists of App Store & Google PlayStore

App Store and Google Play Store are the two largest platforms that distribute and sell mobile apps. These two name needs no introduction as they carry considerable fame in the tech-leading world. Speaking in numbers, in the first quarter of 2021, Android users could choose between 3.48 million apps and made the Google Play store the largest app store platform with the most significant number of apps available. On the other hand, the Apple App Store was the second-largest app store, with roughly 2.22 million available apps for iOS. 

Suppose you are an app developer or app owner and wish to distribute your application to one of these platforms or on both of them. In that case, you must follow some checklists because this will require avoiding any issues & possible rejections. To avoid such issues, your app should be built following the specific rules of each of those app stores. 

If you are ready to publish, you must follow the mentioned checklists or rules of app distributions. 

The significant rules of app distribution on Google PlayStore 

Here find the rules/checklists that Google PlayStore renders for app distributions.

1.Comprehend the Developer Program Policies: The Developer Program Policies are intended to guarantee that the Play store stays a confided-in asset for Android developers. Review the strategies entirely as there are ramifications for infringement.

2. Set up your engineer account: Sign up for a developer’s account and check your developer account details are exact. Assuming that you will sell products, set up your merchant account.

3. Plan for localization: Assuming you anticipate including localized copies of your app at launch, begin arranging early and follow the Localization agenda.

4. Plan for concurrent release.Delivering your app on various platforms and devices maximizes your development practices and the quantity of introduces, so remember it for your development plans forthright. In case you can’t launch your application on all platforms without a moment’s delay, request users’ contact details and let them in on when your app is developed.

5. Test against the quality guidelines.Quality guidelines for all apps, in addition to explicit models for tablet, TV, and Auto apps, give testing layouts. You utilize these to affirm that your applications offer the fundamental UI designs, features, and capacities expected by Android users.

6. Focus on a new API level.Google Play requires that new apps focus essentially Android’s latest version and that app updates focus on Android’s latest version.

7. Build your Android App Bundle. At the point when you’re prepared to make your application accessible to users, either for testing or as an eventual outcome, build your Android App Bundle in Android Studio. Google Play will use your app pack to create, sign and serve upgraded APKs for every user’s device, coming about in a more modest app to download and introduce.

8. Run inner tests. Usethe inner test track to push your app to up to 100 inside analyzers to get feedback before making your app accessible to outer users in the closed, open, or creation tracks. Utilize various shut test tracks for various forms of your app before pushing them to open test tracks or creation.

9. Plan for store listing. Set up the descriptions, limited-time designs, screenshots, and audios you’ll add to your app’s Play store page. Ensure you incorporate a connection to your protection policy if required. Confine your store posting in every one of the languages your application upholds and for the countries, you’re focusing on.

10. Assemble interest in your app or game with pre-registration and set up a custom pre-enlistment posting page.

11Transfer your Android App Bundle to the closed or an open test track. Closed and open testing tracks can assist significantly in finding issues with your app, offering you the chance to fix those issues and raise the nature of your underlying delivery. Figure out how to upload an Android App Bundle and learn about best rehearses for open tests.

12. Characterize your app’s device compatibility. Allow the Play to know which Android adaptations and device screen estimate your application intends to chip away at.

13. Check the pre-launch reports. At the point when you transfer an Android App Bundle to the shut or open track, you’ll get a pre-launch report. With this report, you can recognize the issues after your application is tried naturally on a broad scope of genuine devices running various variants of Android.

14. Arrangement your app cost and countries of distributions. Not really settled your monetization model, arrangement your app as free or paid, and select the nations where it will be circulated.

15. Pick the right distribution choices. Select explicit devices and projects from the valuing and dispersion page, like Wear OS by Google, Android TV, and Designed for families. Google Play would then be able to audit your application and, once supported, make it more discoverable for clients.

16. Set up your in-app products and subscriptions. Confirm the countries you can offer into and money and duty issues to consider. Then, at that point, set up your merchant details and add details and costs for your in-app product and memberships.

17. Decide your application’s content rating. Giving a suitable rating to your app is a necessity of the Developer Program Policies yet, it additionally guarantees your apps get seen by the right age-based crowds.

18. Last checks and distributing.To begin with, return and twofold check you’ve done everything on this list.

19. Market your application. Begin marketing your app with the Google Play identification. Look at our other marketing tools and growth best practices to begin developing your crowd.

20. Peruse and answer user reviews. Get what users think about your app and answer their reviews to resolve any issues you probably won’t have seen in testing.

21. look at your vitals.Android vitals shows you significant data put together your application running concerning genuine devices to assist you with comprehension and fix solidness and execution issues. Further developing your vitals will provide a superior client experience, connection with clients, and higher evaluations.

The significant rules of app distribution on Google PlayStore 


Offensive Content

App ought to exclude hostile, harsh, disturbing content, planned to nauseate, in incredibly helpless taste, or downright frightening.

User-Generated Content 

Apps with client-created content present specific difficulties, going from licensed innovation encroachment to unknown harassing. To forestall misuse, applications with client created content or person to person communication administrations should include:

  • A strategy for separating shocking material from being presented on the application
  • A component to report hostile content and suitable reactions to worries
  • The capacity to hinder oppressive clients from the help
  • Published contact data so clients can, without much of a stretch, contact you

Kids Category

The Kids Category is an extraordinary way for individuals to find apps that are intended for kids effortlessly. Assuming you need to participate in the Kids Category, you should zero in on making an extraordinary encounter explicitly for more youthful clients. These apps should exclude connections, buying openings, or different interruptions to kids except if saved for an assigned region behind a parental door.

Developer Information

Individuals need to realize how to contact you with questions and backing issues. Ensure your app and its Support URL incorporate a simple method for reaching you; this is especially significant for apps that might be utilized in the classroom.

Data Security

According to the Apple Developer Program License Agreement, apps should carry out suitable safety efforts to guarantee the legitimate treatment of client data gathered. These guidelines forestall its unapproved use, revelation, or access by outsiders.

Revealing Criminal Activity

Apps for detailing affirmed crime should include local law authorization and must be presented in nations where such inclusion is dynamic.


App Completeness

When at the phase of app accommodation, your app ought to be last as far as metadata, live URLs. URLs that lead to –void websites, placeholder text, or any unique transitory content should be explored and revised before the app accommodation.

Guarantee that your app is tried for dependability and bugs before app accommodation and incorporates the demo account data if the app comprises a login choice. If you are offering the in-app purchase choice in the app, they ought to be forward-thinking, complete, and noticeable for the analyst.

Beta Test

No iPhone or iPad App in its beta form ought to be sent for accommodation to the App Store.

Right Meta Data

Everything directly from the app picture to its portrayal, class name, and application review ought to be an impression of what the application is about.

Hardware Compatibility

iPhone apps should run on the iPad also.

App ought not to warm the device, devour battery by and large, or put a strain on the device

Your Apple TV app should utilize Siri remote or game regulators. Furthermore, if your application needs game regulators, notice it in the metadata.

App ought to never request that user restart their devices.

Software Specifications

Apps should utilize public APIs and should run on the as of now delivering operating system variants. Apps should be state-of-the-art and should not have any obsolete features or proceed in the impending OSs. Frameworks and APIs should just be utilized for their planned purposes.

Apps should consistently be independent inside the groups and not peruse or compose information outside the predetermined compartment region. Additionally, they ought not to introduce, download, or even execute codes that incorporate other applications.

Apps that give out projects or documents that might influence the devices’ equipment usefulness will be eliminated immediately.

  • Apps that arrange various tasks should utilize the running in foundation works just for the planned requirements. If the application runs behind the scenes, an update should be shipped to clients that the battery will be impacted.
  • App ought to be viable with the IPv6 tending to
  • Apps that utilizations web should utilize WebKit Javascript and WebKit structure.
  • Apps that make substitute work areas will be dismissed
  • Apps that stop or change the capacity of default switches like volume and lock will be dismissed.


There are various ways of adapting your app. How you pick ought to be referenced obviously in the metadata and the Review notes.


You can use the in-app purchase as the method of making payment or making buy from the application.

Credits or in the in-game cash got utilizing app buy ought never to lapse

Dole out the right availability type

Ought not to empower giving of the in-app purchase feature and content to different clients

Apps can permit clients to get to the content bought before

Apps ought not to utilize their technique to open content, like QR Code, License Key, and so forth, until the application is subject to some equipment for working.

Apps can permit exchanges made in digital forms of money until they go along with state and government laws.

Apps utilizing Apple Pay should offer clients all the material buy information before selling the great or administration. Additionally, they should utilize the Apple Pay marking components accurately.


Apple is known for its shortsighted and refined at this point design plans. Apple’s picture through its devices is what it targets presented in the apps distributed on its store.

  • Design ought not to duplicate some other application
  • App ought not to be a drawn-out adaptation of a site. It should offer enduring amusement worth to the clients.
  • App utilizing ARKit should offer a genuine AR experience.
  • App ought not to request that clients introduce another application to work
  • Apps that are created from the popularized formats or through the application age administration would be dismissed.
  • Refrain from making different Bundle IDs of your application. If your app has distinctive form as per area or socioeconomics, show them inside your application by giving your clients the option to access by making an in-application buy.
  • Push notifications should not be made compulsory for an application to work


These are the rules of mobile app distributions on both of the platforms I.e Google Playstore, App Store and these rules helps app developers, app development companies and individuals who make apps to follow the basic check while performing the app distribution on the app stores.

Guest article written by: Reyazuddin is a Content Writer an Internet Marketer at RipenApps Technologies- a leading mobile app development company  that is helping mobile app businesses make monetary through his adaptability and forethought ability.

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