Top Software Development Companies

Find out the most trustable company to trust your business growth to. It is hard to imagine a successful business that does not collaborate with software development teams nowadays. They build mobile apps and websites, create custom software platforms, and help you get closer to the audience. Software companies usually provide numerous services you can use. However, they also have one or several directions they are the most famous for, like Sibedge for digital transformation or ScienceSoft for its AI innovations.

Top-7 Software Development Teams of the Year

How to pick one company to work with among the hundreds represented on the market? Unless you have some secret inside information, you will struggle with this problem. You may check out the top companies we picked based on their reputation, total performance, services, and specialization. Decide which work you want to delegate to the company and choose the one that suits you the most:

  • Sibedge. Sibedge provides numerous services, including DevOps and technical support of your projects, business analytics, and QA. They offer reliable specialists, help with software development, and affordable prices;
  • ScienceSoft. It was created as an AI product developing company, and it continues to use innovative tools and AI software to help its clients. It is a big company with over 700 employees and projects for Nestle, eBay, NASA, and IBM;
  • Intellectsoft. This company provides its services around the world. It offers DevOps, UX, UI, and development of mobile apps. It has an impressive list of clients and covers the lifecycle of development no matter what the project is;
  • DockYard. This Boston-based company provides web development, apps, custom software, and mobile support. It offers product design, apart from engineering, QA, and testing. It helps to build a strategy for the project management and implement this strategy into life;
  • Oxagile. It started as a business intelligence consulting company. Oxagile provides AI, custom software, data consulting, and web development services to its clients. They work in banking, finance, healthcare, and entertainment areas. It tailors its work based on each customer’s specifics;
  • OpenXcell. This company started with open-source solutions, like WordPress or Drupal. After some time, it extended its services to the development of mobile apps. It has affordable prices and more than 400 employees ready to take your project;
  • It is an international company from Lisbon that creates successful startups. They work with outstanding talents in the software development industry, UX/UI, and machine learning. The company is user-centric and works with a wide range of tasks. During the years, it created multiple outstanding software solutions.

Searching for Software Development Company

You may find your perfect company on the list among these top-7 options widely known around the country and abroad. Think about specific demands you need from the team, read reviews, check out their websites. Don’t rush with such an important decision since the company will represent your product and help you to achieve the results you want.

If you already know what you are looking for, you can describe your demands in the comments below. Which features are the most important to you? Write down the benefits you expect to receive from the company.

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