Top 9 Benefits of Using SMS Tracker You Should Know

Benefits of SMS Tracker

Have you ever received an SMS claiming to offer you an attractive reward?

Everyone receives these kinds of messages very frequently. But instead of being genuine, these SMSes are mostly wrongly intended. Such click baits are specifically structured to gain people’s attention and make them prey to a scammer’s ill intentions. A study by the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Centre showed that in 2020 there were more than 2 million victims of SMS frauds.
SMS tracking helps you identify these kinds of fraudulent SMS and prevent yourself and your loved ones from severe losses.

Why Should You Track Someone’s SMS?

SMS tracking helps prevent ourselves and our loved ones from any type of SMS fraud. The reasons to use an SMS tracker in different cases can be:

For Parents:

Kids at a young age can be easily attracted to fake rewards and offers that can lead to a scam.

For Individuals:

Individuals can track their partner’s or loved ones to prevent any fraud or scam.

Benefits Of Using SMS Tracker

SMS tracking saves individuals from SMS frauds. It has several advantages such as:

1.Keep Track Of Your Kids:

SMS tracker for kids can be used by parents to keep a check on the texts their kid is receiving and sending. The kids at their gullible and young age are easy prey for fraudsters to attack and fulfill their ill intentions. SMS tracking will help parents to keep track of the kids’ texts and prevent them from any potential danger.

Kids SMS Tracking

2.Easy To Use And Adapt:

TiSPY offers an easy-to-use and adapted SMS tracker that can be used by parents or individuals. The SMS tracker is compatible with Android and iOS devices. SMS tracker by TiSPY can be easily used even by a non-techie person. Its 24/7 customer support is very effective at times of any difficulties.

3. Reliable And Secure:

Secure SMS Tracking App

The SMs tracker needs to be strongly secured as it has access to confidential information. The SMS tracker by TiSPY is secured and reliable. The tracking information is only provided to the owner on their dashboards and is secured from any kind of breaches. The SMS tracker provides real-time tracking information with time and date stamps, making it reliable.

4. Protection From Consuming Unpleasant Content:

rotects from Unpleasant Content

The fraudulent SMS can have links and content that can be unpleasant and harmful for kid’s minds. These harmful links are sent by the scammers to make kids fall for their ill intentions. Parents can use an SMS tracker for kids to track the text message their kids receive and keep a check on the content they are consuming through them.

5.Preventing Online Predators:

Protect from Online Predators

Kids who are a victim of online predating cannot communicate their worries to their parents easily. Parents and individuals can track text messages on their kid’s and loved ones’ devices to keep a check on them. Online predators take up different ways and content of the message that can either be alluring or scary to the receiver. SMS tracking can help in finding online predators and also prevent your kids and loved ones from the traumatic experience.

6. Easily Access Deleted SMS:

Through SMS tracking you can not only monitor text messages which are being received and sent through the target’s phone but also the messages which are deleted. The SMS tracker can be used to derive those messages and monitor them to ensure they have safe content to consume. In case of doubts, this feature can act as reliable evidence.

7. Accessible To Read And Receive Messages:

One of the main SMS tracking advantages includes that the user has been able to read and receive messages on the target’s phone. An SMS tracker like TiSPY provides a dashboard to the user from where all the tracking information is easily accessible. Users can read all the text messages received and sent on the target’s phone and also the contact details of the sender of the text messages.

Read and Track SMS

8. Monitor Shared Multimedia Files:

Multimedia files can also be shared through SMS. These files from unknown sources can contain harmful content. Parents, individuals can keep track of the shared multimedia files and its nature to ensure the safety of their loved ones or the company. The multimedia files can be in the form of audio, video, or image. It might also contain explicit content which can be harmful to a kid’s mind.

Track Text SMS Remotely:

The SMS allows remote monitoring of text messages without accessing the target’s device. Parents and individuals can track SMS messages from another phone remotely. The SMS tracker works in stealth mode and does not let the target phone know of the tracking. Users just need to install the SMS Tracker on the target’s device and then can easily track all the text messages remotely.

Factors To Consider While Choosing An SMS Tracker

There are many SMS tracking applications available on the Internet that can be used to track SMS. But, not all of them are effective enough to provide reliable tracking information. Hence, users should consider the following factors while choosing an SMS tracker:
Cost Friendly
Secure and Reliable
Works in stealth mode


SMS frauds can be of different kinds from smishing to spamming. These frauds are increasing rapidly in present times. SMS tracking can help in preventing ourselves and our loved ones from these frauds. Parents can track their teenager’s devices to save them from falling prey to scams or predators; individuals can save their loved ones from fraudsters. TiSPY provides a cost-friendly, easy-to-use, and secure SMS tracker that can be used by individuals to track text messages.
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