Top Reasons to Choose White Label Video Streaming Platform

In a time where videos are the rage in marketing, content development and knowledge share, having an online video platform to host your videos is a priority. Before we get into the reasons why you should pick a white-label video platform, let’s understand what white-labelling means.

A white-label product is any software, service or product that comes without any branding. So, you’re free to customize the brand as your own to re-sell or re-publish it. White labeling saves a lot of time and effort in creating the product yourself.

What is a White-Label Video Platform?

You have produced a video or preparing to stream a live video, you naturally seek out one of the online video platform provider to help you host it. It could be YouTube or other OVPs that let you stream it for a select audience. The other alternative would be to develop your own video platform if you do not need third-party branding. This is where white-label video platforms come in handy as they host your video content and stream them with an option to re-brand it as your own.

Top Reasons to Choose White Label Video Streaming Solution

A Simpler Solution

Instead of focusing on building infrastructure and data servers to host your videos, white label streaming is the easiest option available. The service will already have the best experts in the team who know what they’re doing. So, you just need to focus on your business goals versus trying to understand and emulate a video platform. This allows you to enjoy a smooth experience for both you and your customer as these companies tend to provide customer service and solve any issues as quickly as possible.

Brand Projection for your Business

The core benefit of choosing a white label video streaming service is your option to customize the tool. You can brand the video platform to suit your business’ needs and add your own branding—logos, names, taglines and more. This allows your business to be the focal point and not a third-party app that can distract the focus of your customers. With more chances to grab your audiences’ attention, your brand retention value also gradually increases. Isn’t that the whole point of business branding? To be as visible as possible to a customer?

Saves Time

The quickest way to host, organize and stream your videos is to shift them to a white label video platform. You save a lot of man-hours in building the tool on your own and finally maintaining and trouble-shooting any issues that arise in the future. You will be better off focusing on your business goals and planning than take an additional headache of handling the task of managing your own video hosting tool. The best option would be to leave to the experts and save time. As they say, time is money and when you’re running a business, it’s sometimes best to delegate tasks you can’t fit into your schedule.


You may seem to think having an in-house tool or using a free video streaming service could save you a lot of cash. But, if you think closely, you are losing a lot of resources and money. Free tools most of the time end up either charging you for advertisements or add-ons that are crucial for a smooth experience. Paying for a white label streaming platform is cheaper than hiring a full-time developer and keeping them on payroll to troubleshoot any issues. Also, the cost of data servers can be avoided as an item on your expenses list.

Revenue Focused

One of the benefits of a video platform is the ability to monetize your content when you deem fit. No restrictions and complete control over your video. A social media video platform could anytime take down your video if it feels you’re not conforming to their standards. But with an online video platform, the ownership solely lies on you to check the legal, copyright and other issues.

Let’s say you have a YouTube channel, and try to monetize video content, you end up paying a cut to the company. Also, you have no control over the ads that play on your video. For all you know, your competitor’s ads may be playing on your video making you lose customers and in turn revenue.

One Stop for your Clients

With a white-label video platform, you are equipped with the ability to stream your content on any platform. You do not need special embedding that redirects your video to another website or app. Your customers enjoy watching your video content across the web, mobile, game consoles, set-top boxes and smart TVs. This avoids unnecessary hassle for all parties involved. Your only focus would be on streaming high-quality video and audio experiences to your users.

White labelling gives you the power to own your video content and build a brand that your viewers trust. This is the future of marketing and publishing and you can save a lot of time, money and effort. Also, you could see analytics to improve your business model and quality of content.

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