Video Tutorials – A multipurpose tool for a Web Hosting Company

Did you ever imagine that tutorials on the support website of your Web Hosting Company have the potential to bring traffic to your website? If not, don’t worry it is never too late. In this article, I am going to tell you how you can use your tutorial videos for the advertisement of your brand on various digital platforms. But first of all, let’s explore video marketing.

Importance of Video Marketing

With the advent of digital platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Udemy, and the increase in viewers’ interest in video content, video marketing has gained currency. Video advertising has transformed video content into a complete business strategy tool.

Why should a Web Hosting Company use Video Marketing?

The answer is simple: to increase brand awareness and grab web hosting clients who have been looking for video tutorials on the internet to resolve their queries. People prefer to watch a tutorial video and resolve their issue rather than calling on toll-free customer care numbers or creating support tickets and waiting for someone to reply. With video tutorials on their website, the web hosting companies will be to provide real-time support to their clients. Tutorial Videos not only reduce the support tickets but can also display the logo of the Hosting Company. Thus increase brand awareness.

About half of the web hosting users now look for web hosting-related videos before making purchases. 90% say that demo videos help in making a buying decision. If your website’s landing page bounce rate is more, it is time to put a demo video or explainer video on that page. It engages the customer and connects them with your products and services. It is overall good for SEO purpose.

There are many video tutorial makers who charge around the US $400 to $600 to make a single video tutorial. Big Hosting companies hire these costly video makers and advertise heavily on almost every digital platform. They attract huge traffic to their website using these videos.

How to use Tutorial Videos?

You can use these videos in your knowledgebase website and reduce your support tickets by providing real-time solutions to your hosting clients. It saves your time and money spent on replying to your clients. Remember, Videos should be search-friendly and have easy access for the viewers. Have a look at the screenshot of a Knowledgebase website of a Hosting company.

Notice that the knowledgebase website has both tutorial articles and tutorial videos on different control panels such as cPanel and website account management software tools. Viewers can easily browse the available tutorials and click to launch any one of the videos within the support website itself. These videos you see on a knowledgebase website page can be hosted on any free digital platform or on your own server of the Web Hosting Company. It opens within the knowledgebase website itself and the user remains on the same webpage. 

Once you have created a sufficient quantity of branded videos, it is time to make them available to your viewers. There are different options available. It is up to you how you wish to use your videos. You can upload the videos on digital platforms or host them on your own server. Remember that, merely creating and uploading the videos is just like scratching the surface of digital marketing. You need to promote your Knowledgebase tutorial videos using social media, networking channels, and if needed, paid promotions. You have to target your audience on Facebook and LinkedIn. Share your videos wherever it is relevant on social communities. You can start an ad campaign. But carefully target the audience related to the web hosting industry as it is not a free campaign. You can also use videos in emails to your business contacts. It is seen that emails with video links have a higher click-through rate than emails without videos. Video content increase the trust factor of an email. 

What if I don’t have the time or skills to make Tutorial Videos?

There are lots of video-making agencies and individuals who can create videos for your knowledgebase/support website. Their cost varies as per their quality and quantity. If you are a small and medium-sized company and have a limited budget then Web hosting video tutorials that display the logo of your brand are also available with few tutorial providers such as DemoTiger. You can host DemoTiger videos on YouTube. These videos come with integration file that can integrate the videos hosted on YouTube with your Knowledgebase website. You can see above a knowledgebase website’s Image with DemoTiger’s videos. These videos open on Knowledgebase website but are hosted on YouTube. Therefore, there are numerous options and vast opportunities available for everyone, including web hosting companies, in video marketing. It is a tool that a web hosting company, whether small or medium size, should utilize it and increase its customer support service and customer base. 

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