What Makes Refurbished Macbooks a Great Deal?

When shopping for a new laptop, many people always think buying new is the best choice and better than used ones. It’s a fair assumption, especially when it comes to Apple products like MacBooks. However, closing your doors on alternatives due to preconceived notions can take away a viable and practical option: buying a refurbished MacBook

Everyone is well aware that Apple’s MacBook units are powerhouse machines, but they don’t come with a cheap price tag. Sure, Apple packs its laptop devices with hardware and software that can serve its users for years. Still, the expensive cost makes MacBooks unaffordable for many people, including students who can use it for online learning and employees who shifted to remote work

This is where Apple’s Certified Refurbished stores come in. These stores take over returned units and rigorous repairs and upgrade the parts to make it work like new. Apple is known as the gold standard when it comes to electronic devices, and that includes even their refurbished products. 

What Does it Mean to Buy Refurbished MacBooks? 

People often synonymous the word “refurbished” with “recycled” or “second-hand” products resold with low-quality parts. On the contrary, all Apple Certified Refurbished products go through a meticulous process that involves full testing and quality assessment to ensure that every refurb device meets the same standards as new Apple products. 

Refurbished MacBooks may come with upgraded and brand new parts, such as memory and battery. What’s more, these devices come with warranties. Apple is a company that takes pride in its excellent standards and product quality. When you buy a refurbished MacBook, you essentially purchase a new Apple-quality product, but at a more affordable price. 

The Advantages of Buying Refurbished MacBooks

  • There’s no need to get the latest model

Whether you’re replacing a really old MacBook model or buying your first Apple laptop, the newest and the greatest isn’t always the best option. The latest generation of MacBooks may have the latest features, faster processors, and better specs, but previous laptop models can still efficiently serve your needs for many years. 

For instance, instead of purchasing a 2020 MacBook, you can opt for the 2019 or 2018 variants if the specifications and features meet your needs. 

  • You can save a lot of money

When you buy refurbished, you can get the equivalent products for a lower price tag compared to Apple stores. Moreover, like any other Apple product, MacBooks are known to be durable and can last a few years with minimal to no issues. Buying refurbished can save you a few hundred dollars depending on the make and model of your choice. 

You can spend the amount you can save on accessories or allocate the fund back to your savings. If you need to purchase a new MacBook while saving as much money as you can, refurbished is the way to go. 

  • You get a completely new machine

Refurbished retailers and certified quality technicians examine every device and repair all internal and exterior damage or issues with genuine Apple replacement parts. They then test the products to ensure that they are all running smoothly and looking good as new. The refurb products are even packaged in a fresh white box. 

You can place a refurbished MacBook side-by-side with a brand new one, and you won’t even see the difference. So, you essentially get a “new” MacBook that is fully functional for a great deal. 

  • You get tech support

If you’re saving money and you decide to buy a second-hand MacBook, you may not get tech support when you encounter issues with it that the seller didn’t disclose. On the other hand, refurbished MacBooks from original manufacturers and refurbished Apple retailers with Apple certified technicians can offer you the same tech support as those who bought brand new products from Apple stores. 

If you experience any issues with the item, you can simply call the manufacturer for assistance. 

Much like buying brand new, refurbished MacBooks also come with the standard one-year warranty, with the option of getting additional coverage by getting AppleCare products. 

  • You’re helping the environment

If you’re into practicing sustainable habits and also an eco-conscious shopper, buying a recertified MacBooks can lift the burden of buying new and the possibility of contributing to e-waste. Since refurbished products are returned to be repaired to function as good as new, they are put back into circulation.

If you care about the environment and you’re in the market for a decent MacBook, you can get your hands on one without compromising your values and principles. 

Summing it up

While it’s tempting to get the latest and the best when you’re buying gadgets, recertified products are an enticing alternative that is equally a good investment for those with a restricted budget. At the end of the day, the important thing is you get your hands on the device that suits your needs. 

As with other large purchases, beware of scams. Make sure that you only purchase refurbished items from the Apple Refurbished Store or refurbished retailers with Apple-certified technicians. 

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  1. The good thing about buying one refurbished is how cheap the individual parts are on ebay. Sometimes it’s better to buy broken, if you know how to put it together.


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