Why Embed Shoppable Instagram Feed On Your Brand Website?

For the last five years, Instagram is not only a major social media networking platform, but it is also one of the prominent platforms for brands to sell their products and earn revenue. 

Instagram Shoppable posts have opened the doors of wide opportunity for businesses and brands to sell their product online without emptying their budget pockets. 

Exceptional results have been seen after introducing Instagram Shoppable posts as brands are enabled to sell their products directly through images or videos they upload on Instagram by their product featured in the image. 

That said, seeing the potential of Instagram Shoppable posts, many brands and marketers have started to embed Shoppable Instagram feed on website

Are you also the one who is planning to embed a Shoppable Instagram feed on your website but waiting for a valid reason that proves the advantage of Shoppable Instagram feed on your website. 

Here below are the numerous benefits of embedding a Shoppable Instagram feed on your website that is pretty convincing to make every brand or marketer start strategizing with Shoppable Instagram feed on their website. 

So let’s begin!

Some Benefits Of Embedding Shoppable Instagram Feed

To start with, Shoppable Instagram posts on eCommerce websites will improve the shopping experience of customers on your website.

It has launched a new way by which people shop through the website. It has increased the use conversion rate on the website from displaying the trend to attractive images on the website. 

Shoppable Instagram feeds have upgraded the website by offering a delightful experience to the users. 

As many brands and businesses are already using these Shoppable Instagram Feed on their website, below are some benefits that brands are experiencing by embedding Shoppable Instagram Feed. 

Attract & Inspire Customers

One of the major factors to sell more products on a website is only when you can attract and engage your website visitors. When your website content is attractive and compelling enough, only then will visitors coming to your website will desire to buy your product. 

As Instagram posts are the best examples of vibrant visuals, they attract visitors’ attention to your website spontaneously. Embedding Instagram Shoppable feeds also allows people to check the products featured on the Instagram posts, giving them a better idea about the product and inspiring them to make the right purchase decision.  

Offer Instant Buy Link 

Embedding Shoppable Instagram Posts will give your website audience another option to buy from the embedding Instagram post. These Shoppable Instagram posts consist of the product link, product description, more product images, and a buy button, making it easy for customers to buy their desired product directly from the embedded Instagram post instead of searching for the product on the website. 

Embedding shoppable Instagram feeds on your eCommerce or brand website will enhance customers’ buying journey as it makes the purchase process quicker, easier, and simpler than searching products from the website. 

Display Authenticity & Credibility

Displaying user-generated content from Instagram will boost the authentic content on your website. As user-generated content or UGC is created by the customers or followers of your brand without any sponsorship and voluntarily, displaying this unbiased customer content on your website will boost the authenticity of your website. 

Converting Instagram UGC posts into the Shoppable Instagram posts will help your customers get a real-life view of your brand product. As word-of-mouth marketing is always an effective medium of increasing sales for any brand, embedding user-generated content from Instagram will give your content an authentic, realistic, and credible touch that your new website visitors can believe and trust.

Increase Engagement On Website

Instagram images, videos, etc. on your website leverage the audience engagement on your website. Rather than reading or dwelling with the same old, dull, formal language created branded content, people like to engage with the real-life people pictures and content they are sharing on social media channels like Instagram. 

Embedding Instagram posts on your website will instantly grab your customers’ attention and engage them with the Instagram posts that you embedded on your website. 

In this way, you can keep your audience engaged on your website, which will build aground in your customers’ minds. 

Embedding Shoppable Instagram Feeds Overall Grow Conversions On Your Website

With these above-mentioned benefits of Shoppable Instagram Feed on your website, these all factors boost sales through the Shoppable Instagram posts and entice the customers to explore more products available on your website. 

When a user is satisfied with the review and Instagram posts shared by the real customers featuring the product from your website, it will boost their trust in your website and encourage them to check more products on your website. 

Hence, if you haven’t utilized embedded Instagram posts on your website, it’s time to turn your Instagram posts into the Shoppable Instagram Post on your website. 


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