Why is Canada the best place to opt for MBA?

Choosing the right country to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a challenge for students worldwide. As an MBA degree guarantees a successful career and enhances marketability, most students consider acquiring it from a top study abroad destination. If you are also planning to study for an MBA abroad, opt for a master’s in business administration in Canada

Now you must be wondering why Canada is an attraction for international students. So, we will provide a list of top reasons to choose Canada over other destinations to study abroad.

Top 5 reasons to pursue an MBA in Canada

1. Value for money

Financial constraint is one crucial thing that restrains students from studying abroad. Unlike other top study destinations, Canada is way affordable and promises a total return on investment. Paying for your education in Canada is worth it as the degree offered in Canadian universities are internationally recognized, making them employable globally.

2. High quality of education

Another top reason for studying in Canada is its education system. Canada’s business schools provide a quality learning experience to students through a cutting-edge academic curriculum. With highly experienced tutors, world-class infrastructure, exposure, and scholarships, Canadian business schools focus on the holistic development of students.

3. Standard of living

Surprisingly, Canada’s cities, including Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary) tops the list of best places to live in the world. According to the OECD Better Life Index report, the country ranks above the average in housing, personal security, health status, social connections, income, work-life balance, culture, environment, infrastructure, wealth, and education. These factors make Canada a desirable country to live in.

4. Affordable 

Staying in Canada is relatively cheaper than in other developed nations, such as the US or UK. Besides this, business and management course fee in Canadian universities is regarded more affordable than in American or Australian business schools. Furthermore, students can explore a variety of foods, music, art, and culture during and after their studies.

5. Thriving economy

Canada’s robust economy has made it the most preferred location for international students to acquire an MBA education. Canada is also considered to be the third most business-friendly country in the world. The nation also has a good job market for business and management graduates. Canada also offers several job opportunities. Interestingly, it also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world.


A report published by QS News Ranking for 2020 suggests that Canada has over 18 MBA schools that top the list of the best universities in the world. These business schools have top-notch faculties and provide a high quality of education with an advanced syllabus. In addition, the Canadian government is increasingly making efforts to attract more international students. 

According to canadainternational.gc.ca, the country has also introduced the ‘International Education Strategy’ to help maintain its global position in higher education. So, it’s the right time to take up an MBA course in Canada for a rewarding career ahead.

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