Top 11 New Crypto Coins to Invest in 2021

Do you know about crytocurrencies? Not all people but some know about crypto currencies, it is a form of payment which can be exchanged online for goods and services and many company have launched their own currencies which called tokens traded for services or goods that company provides.

In crypto currencies field many exciting things is happening and at core crypto field is place of capital B means big ideas. A dozens year later crypto market is worth more than $2 trillion with man y types of digital currencies. There are many ways to gain and hold crypto, for example by setting up mining equipments that can be easily purchased from the UK and imported anywhere in the world by using a UK forwarding service. 

 So I have listed some new crypto coins which can help you. 

1. Solana:  

Solana quick burst into 2021 which is coming from obscurity, it had start 0.02% share market in this year for become top pest crpytocurrencies by market in September.  This coin become good leader in one department in which users create applications or daps for short which cut financial gatekeepers look like exchanges, clearinghouse and brokers.

2. Bitcoin:

Everyone knows the bit coin is most popular crypto currency in India and probably because it is long living crypto currency valued with highest finite supply like gold and bit coin is gold standard of crypto currencies. It makes up 46% of crypto market globally and underlying technology inspires with development and values in investment into similar altcoins.  Some expert believes that bit coin will become a reserve currency of sorts rest for financial system which coming around crypto currencies. You know El Salvador is recently started to accept bitcoin as legal tender which see crypto currency as an opportunity.

3. Ethereum:

You know bit coin is main crypto which come out and add in 2015. It is one and only token which can useful in any other business like blue chip crypto. It is fast growing and in market share also in decentralized finance contains and digital currency will going to changes in bit coin share in whole crypto coins market. You know in beginning bit coin is consider about 70.7% in 2021 market compared of Ethereum which consider only 10.8% but in present time the gap will increase with ETH at 18% and BTC at 45.1%. 

4. Doge coin:

This coin is currently tenth valuable crypto currency in market and it is first currency which has a shiba Innu dog as its mascot. Doge coin has a brand ambassador in an unofficial capacity SpaceX CEO and Tesla billionaire Elton Musk. In Indian rupees of 4 Doge coins are rs 80.32 according to open exchange rates. This coin is made by a software engineer Billy Markus who decide to create payment system as a joke which make fun of wild speculation in crytocurrencies and based on Litecoion also has same technology behind its proof of work.

5. Cardano:

It is awesome environmentally friendly instead of other currencies which can use as energy intensive mining process and their block chain also provide NFTs with smart contracts for DeFi usage.  Investors will justify about its process over by its real worlds uses like farm supply chains, small contracts and retail plagiarism. It is especially notable for early embrace from proof of stake validation which can save your time and energy and this token had modest growth instead of other major crypto coins.

6. Guest Crew: 

Guest Crew is a 2013 startup and is possibly one of the oldest crypto startups mentioned on this list. It is a crypto based community site that believes in giving back to its network. The #GUEST token has been recently launched to pay its members for contributing to the community. The token is powered by the Binance smart chain network and is priced at five cents a token in its first phase of the ICO. The Android and IOS app and the wallet is still under works. The network is powered by thousands of members who are actively promoting the content from GuestCrew to their various social media profiles.

7. Wilder World:

You know this coin is least known and riskiest of top crypto currencies for buy now also newer coins after debuting in May 2021. First thing you have to know that investor Prudent will only entertain WILD as small holding which is lack of track records and $118 million market cap make it biggest gamble. WILD is governance coin of wilder autonomous organization which create a met averse and many artists can create, sell NFTS in ecosystem and this coin doesn’t want fee from artists. Wilder World price pages are part of price index which features price history, live charts and market caps.

8. Binance Coin:

You know binance is awesome crypto currency and based on token which is issued through Ethereum block chain but there is some transitioned is being issue on its own block chain. Comparing with other crypto currencies in BNB there is maximum supply reach us to 200 million. This coin conducts quarterly burns of coins to reduce supply and you can use this coin to trade, pay fees and booking travel arrangements, it also be exchange for many forms of crypto currency.

9. Axie Infinity Shards:

It is also a crypt currency and users can earn this coin while playing online video game called Axle infinity. It is governance token which is most comparable to holding shares of company and holders can create proposals and token on anything those are related to Axle infinity platform.  You know to start play the game require three Axies from Axie marketplace and it is built on Ethereum block chain which is great example of freewheeling creativity that can unfold on block chain on nowadays. You have to also know that this year AXS has gone parabolic from 57 cents to its current level around $126.

10. Polka dot:

It is also a very good stake crypt currency which wants to provide block chain interoperability and its link are permission less or permissioned block chains are give permission to communicate or get familiar. One more important thing is that from polka dot relay chain, this coin will enables internet which provide platform free block chain can share his information and transaction in trustless manner. The aims of this coin is to make connecting and creating decentralized apps utilizes and organizations easier. 

11. Ripple’s XRP:

It is very awesome bit coin and come in market 2021 which is oldest block chain projects in world. This coins  is not same like other coins because their goals are to create cross border payment in easy way. You know Ripple is a payment mode which can easily use by digitally of financial transactions which was come in 2012. You know ripple labs was create XRP like a payment option which is used on spread payment system.

Bottom Line:

You know crypto currency is becoming popular as interest in increases and world is going crazy about crypto currencies, decentralized finance and block chain technology which is major gain in the first half of this year. So I have mention new crypto currency which you can use to invest in 2021. does not give financial advise. Do your own research before investing and use your own consultants.

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