5 Key Factors of a Successful Digital Marketing Service and Strategy

Almost everyone now a days as a smartphone and a proper internet connection,so the question now arises what should we do, so that our websites reach  the Top SERP when someone searches for particular keyword,

Customers can now readily access your website any time of day through smart phones,tablets and with new technological devices such as Google Glass on the horizon,this is only going to increase.

Here are some of the methods listed which need to be taken into consideration for a successful Digital Marketing service:


Your website is the first and the most important step while promoting your business online through marketing service, make sure your websites performs the best while checking up on your website for clarity of content and performance of your website, check the below points related to website development,

  • After creating a successful website your aim should be towards creating quality content different from other websites.
  • Your content should be clutter free and easy readable, use proper white spaces and proper formatting while writing content on the website.
  • Make sure the performance of the website is good enough and the pages should be fast enough to load with less bounce back rate.


First impression is the last impression,if you fail at your first impression consider your data marketing company fail as a whole.Branding basically depends on some factors like your Logo design,colour schemes, and interesting catch taglines.Your logo should be so mesmerising that the customers are forced to choose you over your competitors.If your logo does not gets you the right result you can always consider about rebranding your product.

Branding is something which is often overlooked by many businesses, but the companies need to know if they are doing the branding right, there are a lot of chances that more and more customers would like to work with them. Your branding and logo should be so clear that your customers get the idea of your small business by just looking at the logo.If your logo is unclear then your customers will also not get the clear idea about what your company is and how it’s of any use to them.


Promotion refers to the activities that makes the business more known to the customers.It includes items such as sponsorships advertising and many such public relation activities.

At times promotional costs can be heavily levied, at times its important to verify whether after incurring these costs ,will there be any profit to the value of a customer and company as a whole.

Social Media 

Everyone is aware of the role that social media plays in one’s life whether its just merely seeing each other on a video call or just congratulating each other for a class bunk, most of the updates are done on social media platforms, then why not the promotions or digital marketing strategy?

When promoting digitally always make sure that you are not just writing upon long sentences instead try to write short sentences and add as many images as possible.

  • Google+ reported that it had 359 million users who are mostly active online scrolling just news or instagram feed, if you want the right customers you should start posting on the right platforms.
  • Facebook revealed by 1st July,2013 it was having more than 665 million users per day, with 751 million mobile (smartphone/tablet) users per month.

Google Adword

Nowadays everyone wants instant traffic without any hard work invested in, if you are searching for quick and regular traffic then you need to start posting ads at relevant places which will require promotion through social media, but if after doing all these you are unable to achieve healthy traffic then you should try using Google’s Adword policy where you will get an instant boost in your website daily traffic. 

When enrolled in Google pay-per-click advertising then your website will either appear in one of the 3 links in shaded box or it will appear on the right side of the search result.You get to choose some keywords on which you want your website to appear for(when those keywords are searched) and then you bid for those words.Open;u speaking, people bidding the most will have their website listed at the top and will be shown most often and you will have to pay only once when someone has clicked on the link of your website.


These were some steps upon how you can increase traffic,or you can successfully promote your website online.Every fruit needs some time to ripen up and so does the traffic on your website.If you have put in all your efforts with excellent content then you will sure short receive the traffic which your website is qualified for.

Guest article written by: Renu Bala is working as a blogger for Asclique Innovation And technology. She provides The 5 Key Factors of a Successful Digital Marketing Service and Strategy. Get in touch with her now for any assistance regarding Digital Marketing. Follow her company, Asclique Innovation And technology on Linkedin.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that first impressions are the key. If you make a poor first impression there is no second one. I appreciate the great advice.


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