Angular JS vs. React JS: Battle of the Toughest Frameworks

Some web applications and apps development need well-structured and ultra-modern JavaScript frameworks in the development phase. It feels hazardous and pretty difficult to look for a perfect and creative JavaScript framework. Still, two conducive, dynamic and major frameworks like React JS and AngularJS are winning the race to resolve your technical hurdles.

Opening Up the JavaScript Frameworks Intelligence

The research says out of 20,000 developers, 7,600 developers quit using Angular, and 6,700 intend to go for both. All the small, medium, and large businesses always go for the high-functionality frameworks to quickly get solid and modern web applications. React JS covers 78.1 markets, and Angular holds 21% of framework developers’ demands.

Many developers and businesses are still confused in choosing the best JavaScript frameworks between React JS and Angular JS to magnify their power. 22.4% and 7.7 of developers are reacting to these remarkable JavaScript frameworks to ease their technical hurdles. 

The Articles Key Features

The articles dare to highlight the major differences between these two JavaScript frameworks, their advantages and disadvantages, key features and other essential details.

  • What Is React JS?
  • Key Features of React JS
  • What Is Angular JS?
  • Key Features of Angular JS?
  • The Technical Overview React JS vs Angular JS
  • History Of React JS
  • History Of Angular JS
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of React JS
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Angular JS

The Dynamic Enigma Of React JS

Now your all framework development process could be accessible through the creative and phenomenal JavaScript framework REACT JS. It’s an open-source JavaScript UI library for innovative interfaces that smartly uses for building fantastic user interfaces to facilitate the customer base. 

Facebook has introduced this splendid REACT JS. The REACT JS ultimately relies on Java Scripting and creative PHP extensions, namely JSX. REACT JS offers the next-level rendering to complex and tricky User Interfaces. 

REACT JS dynamically covers 942,216 websites worldwide, including famous brands such as,,, and  React JS smartly offers thriving coding to developers by intertwining with the REACT JS library 24/7.

  • Latest update: 16.13.1 (March 2020)
  • Github Stars : 156,000 +
  • Official Website –

ReactJS is used by 1,485,695 live websites that are using React JS smartly. Also, 1,311,295 websites proudly adopted React JS to be effective.

Key Features of React JS

  • Facebook fully supports React JS historically. 
  • React JS has an outstanding user experience.
  • React JS is the fastest and creative simultaneously.
  • React JS allows developers to avail third party libraries.
  • React JS is effective, creative and saves you tons of hours.
  • React JS is simple as it can be and easily composable.
  • React JS offers the fastest development methods. 
  • React JS offers code stability under one-directional data binding.

The Creative Mystery Of Angular JS

Angular JS is the most creative open-source model-view-controller [MVC] JavaScript framework introduced by the big brand GOOGLE.  AngularJS assists countless developers in making their development more creative, dynamic, and powerful enough to hit the digital world. Thousands of developers are utilising the majestic power of Angular JS to build limitless website components in a minimal time frame.

Several giant organisations are intertwined to AngularJS, including the famous one’s,, and Angular smartly runs almost 606,397 websites worldwide. Angular JS is productive and a single-handed flow JavaScript framework. It also creatively offers an innovative choice for creative developers to go for plugins to avail their coding assets with any problems.

Key Features of AngularJS

  • Angular offers a user interface with HTML.
  • Angular offers extensive community support.
  • Angular offers the active Google community.
  • Angular is intuitive, consistent with modern technology.
  • AngularJS offers the POJO Model.
  • Agular’s creative typescript offers coherence.
  • AngularJS offers dynamic routing.
  • Angular offers the cleanest coding to developers.
  • Angular JS’s CLI is availed by seamless updates.
  • AngularJS offers two-way binding.
  • Angular JS provides the shadow DOM / local CSS.
  • Angular has UI and business logic separation.

816,638 live websites are using the creative AngularJS. Also, 2,864,646 websites have proudly chosen the ANGULAR JS to tackle their development hurdles.

React Vs Angular: Technical Battle Overview

Technology                                           React JS                                  Angular JS


  1. Latest Version Released:                 17.0.1 (Oct 2020)                               1.8.2 (OCT 2020)
  2. Authors:                                               Facebook                                              Google
  3. Language:                                           JavaScript                                      JavaScript, HTML
  4. Type:                                            Open-Source JS library                       MVC frameworks
  5. Packaging:                                           Very Strong                                              Weak
  6. Rendering:                                           Server-Side                                           Client Side
  7. DOM:                                                      Virtual                                                     HTML
  8. Learning Curve:                                        Low                                                        High


The Enchanting History of React JS

  • Jordan Walke has developed the React JS in 2011
  • Jordan Walke dynamically open-sourced the React JS in May 2013.
  • Facebook smartly released React 16.0 in September 2017.
  • The same year, React Fiber was released with React 16 in September 2017.
  • React Fiber is an ongoing implementation of React’s Core Algorithm.

The Enticing History of AngularJS

  • Google smartly released Angular JS in 2010.
  • The Angular JS second version, namely 2.0 released in September 2016.
  • Angular JS’s next version, namely, the 4.0 released in March 2017.
  • The Angular next version, namely, 5.0 released in Nov 2017.

The Phenomenal Advantages of React JS

  • React JS has a dynamic Facebook “code mod” feature to automate the workforce.
  • React JS allows developers to create fantastic web apps more accessible.
  • React JS allows developers to do modern Javascripting.
  • React JS can try out their skills for the Native development process.
  • React JS is the ultimate subtle support of handy tools. 
  • React JS is the best SEO friendly JavaScript software.
  • React JS offers the sensational JavaScript library.
  • React JS is the subtle choice while intertwining with the ES6/7 to manage the colossal load.
  • The HTML allows developers for creative templating and HD documentation.

The Sensational Advantages of Angular JS

  • AngularJS allows developers to re-coding. 
  • AngularJS allows excellent plug & play components.
  • The creative AngularJS offers dynamic, clean, and simple coding.
  • React JS has a significantly higher performance rate.
  • AngularJS is the fastest application development JavaScript software.
  • React JS offers material design such as Interface.
  • AngularJS offers the developers a complete hold on the development.
  • AngularJS allows developers to enhance their design structures.
  • React JS allows developers to view and control easily.
  • Seamless Updates using Angular CLI.

The Popular Disadvantages of React JS

  • React JS worst documentation.
  • React JS non-stop irritates the developers via its updates.
  • React JS has the most complicated JSX barriers.
  • React JS lags SDK updates. 
  • React JS only dares to cover UI layers and nothing else.
  • React JS with the MVC framework always demands complicated configurations. 

The Worst Disadvantages of AngularJS

  • AngularJs is a shaky and dull security system.
  • AngularJS has memory leakage issues.
  • AngularJS is difficult for new developers.
  • Angular JS is not supported everywhere in development.
  • There is no precise manual and extensive, all-inclusive documentation.
  • Developers can debug their limited coding in development.

Wrapping Up the Solution

The article highlighted the entire core information of both frameworks [React JS & AngularJS] dynamically to enhance your intelligence regarding both software. Now you can choose anyone according to your workforce as Angular JS is best for long-term projections under websites and web apps.

On the other side React JS is the most subtle choice for single-page projects such as blogs. Where React JS is getting famous among developers, Angular holds the supremacy of Gitlab and Github. 

React JS has earned 1,290 contributors, while Angular holds 1,129 contributors via its dynamic creative features. Both JavaScript frameworks are open-source, useful and best in their premises to assist the developers in fast-paced development.

Guest article written by: Tahha Ashraf is a Digital Brand Manager at Techxide, a popular digital agency. He loves chipping in creativity and ideas that are worth execution. He loves to build brand persona and strategies that are poised to skyrocket the brand’s success. He writes and read poetry in his free time.

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