Best Programming and Information Technology Trivia for IT Pros That Pay Off

IT expert or enthusiast? Learn how well you know the field while taking engaging and, at times, even lucrative information technology trivia quizzes. 

There’s a hype around technology trivia questions, which lures professionals and amateurs to participate. You have all this knowledge about information technology accumulated in your head and it’s about time you matched yourself against like-minded enthusiasts or simply challenged yourself. It’s sort of a ‘brain teaser’ and can surely be your time to shine as well as feel good about yourself. Consider our rundown of the best information technology trivia to get you started! 

Information technology trivia at a glance 

We’ve compiled a list of trivia quizzes that will help you broaden your horizons.  

ProProfs Quizzes 

With ProProfs, you can take quizzes across a wide range of fields, technology included. The platform allows you to create your own quizzes as well if you’re up to it. It’s worth checking out ProProfs’ hardest information technology trivia quizz for IT experts to make yours truly unique. This can be your own way of passing the baton to fellow experts.  

TechSpot Trivia 

To find IT-related multiple choice questions, you can go to TechSpot‘s tech trivia. Not only do you see the right answer after clicking on an option, but you can also read more information that backs up the correct answer. This kind of information technology trivia is of special interest to the inquisitive IT enthusiasts who want to know all the why’s and therefore’s.  

GkDuniya Question Answer Quiz 

GkDuniya is a Question and Answer and information platform with a whole section dedicated to IT. On GkDuniya, the IT quiz consists of two parts. Part 1 lets you test your computer knowledge, and Part 2 walks you through IT-related questions. You answer a question and then you can click on the button to see the correct answer. 

Internet of Think Quiz Show

Internet of Think is a technology trivia quiz show unlike any other where contestants try to win cash prizes. The quiz show is hosted on a YouTube channel. You can always check the latest episodes and apply here.  Contestants are introduced to the three rounds. The first round involves information technology trivia questions; the second round is based on IT-themed images and questions; and the third round has rapid-fire questions. A monetary reward awaits anyone who can score points in the final round.

Trivia Mastermind

If you want high-speed trivia, go to Trivia Mastermind. The quizzes have answers right below questions in as many as 21 categories, so there won’t be a long pause before you learn the correct information. There’s a category devoted to computers and technology with 165 questions. But you’ll probably have to do the calculation by hand to track your progress.   

Questions Trivia

IT is fascinating, as demonstrated by the technology and computers questions featured on the Questions Trivia site. You can reveal the correct answers by clicking on the button below each question.  Additionally, you can find a supplementary comment to give you more insight. 

MCQ Questions

A more in-depth collection of multiple choice questions and online quizzes is found on MCQ Questions. This resource can be useful if you’re looking to cram for an exam or land a job in IT. With MCQ Questions, you get to test your knowledge of web design, C/C++ programming, operating systems, and more. Some information technology trivia even have multiple parts for better immersion into the subject matter. 

Landofcode Web Development Quizzes

The ultimate goal of the Landofcode website is to provide visitors with free and accessible information about web development. The so-called ‘wiki’ started off with basic tutorials, and eventually the website grew to such an extent that you can now check your knowledge through a series of information technology trivia quizzes

Exam Tiger

You can use Exam Tiger to  answer a variety of exam questions on database concepts, HTML, Java programming, and more. You can choose the answer you think is correct or ‘cheat’ and see the answer right away if you’re not sure. 

Britannica Quizzes

Britannica is a credible online encyclopedia. This learning and teaching tool can satisfy your thirst for themed quizzes across a variety of categories from science, to pop culture, to technology. Be aware though that you need to answer within a 30-second time limit. Britanica’s quizzes keep you on your toes!

Trivia about information technology: Getting it right

Now you’ve got a list of trivia games to help you unwind, learn, or both! We wish you all the luck in the world and lots of enthusiasm as you take one of these information technology trivia. The aforementioned tech quizzes will bring variety, fun, and rewards as you compete or measure the scope of your knowledge in information technology. All that matters though is your ability to be proud of your accomplishments and close the gaps in your knowledge in an interactive non-intrusive way.  

Guest article written by: Angela Beklemysheva is a Content Marketing Specialist at Exadel. She’s been writing about IT for years now. She investigates what topics are worth discussing in her posts and educates readers through her copy. Just as IT fascinates her, so does playing the guitar, painting, and reading. 

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