How Technology is Changing the Game of Hunting

When we say “technology,” most people probably think about smartphones, apps, Teslas, or anything solar-powered. It’s a massive range of different things that we’re sometimes oblivious about because it’s already become a part of our day-to-day lives. Which makes you think, what industry is still not using technology? The answer is NONE! Meaning, all industries, including sport hunting, are no exception in adapting to the times by making the sport more convenient for the modern-day man. 

Embracing technology doesn’t mean we need to veer away from the core meaning of sport hunting. Instead, it just makes it easier to appreciate the sport even more! And with all the modern changes occurring globally, you can say that we have progressed a lot. In this blog, we’ve listed down 5 technologies that are presently changing the game of hunting, so take notes!

1. Trail Camera

Sometimes referred to as nature cameras or camera traps, trail cameras provide a convenient way of monitoring the playing field. Trail cameras are equipped with motion and heat detectors that capture images or videos whenever they sense any change in the environment.

People only have 24 hours every day, and as much as hunting may be one of your serious interests, your responsibilities in the modern world may not really give you ample time to keep track of animals all day long. Trail cameras are the best option if you want a peek at what’s happening in the wild while working or spending time with your family. With this, you can always scout for certain animals from the convenience of your own smartphone. Just imagine all the time you are going to save with this. You don’t even need to step foot in the hunting sites just to find what you’re looking for because trail cameras will already do all the watching for you.

Just like any other device, a trail camera comes in a range of price points. Depending on the level of advancement of its features and its capabilities, you’ll surely get what you pay for.

2. GPS Tracking Device

We hear horror stories of people getting lost in the woods all the time – unfortunately there are some people who are never seen again. Like a diver swimming deep into the abyss, you will need to find a way to swim back into the surface. While we understand that hunting is a sport that you can only plan so much for, there are moments where you’ll do whatever it takes to reach your target animal, no matter how spontaneous. A GPS Tracker will help you keep track of wherever you are. Although not all GPS trackers look the same, the best option to use when hunting is a handheld one. Modern technology already allows users to have interactive displays that have touchscreens and multiple function buttons. When you own one of these, you can rule out the worry of getting lost in the woods and just focus on the sport itself.

3. Flashlight and Batteries

Some animals are best spotted at night. In which case, you will need a little bit of help. A flashlight (and a battery set) is one of the essentials you should bring when making a relatively long visit to the woods, especially at night. Of course, there is always the moonlight to depend on, but it’s better to bring a good quality flashlight with spare batteries. This way, you will see clearly no matter how dark it gets or. One set of fully charged batteries in your flashlight is good, but you must always bring spare ones in case of emergency. You’ll never know what you’re going to need when you are out there, so better be safe than sorry.

4. Headlight

Some flashlights can alert animals when hunting at night, which makes the sport sometimes even more challenging. You want to get close to the animals you are hunting as much as possible without scaring them away. So like a flashlight, you will need a good quality headlight to help yourself see better in the dark. Find ones with red, green, or blue modes to protect your night vision. We also recommend you get waterproof ones for more durability. Who knows when the rain’s coming, right? It’s better to be always ready regardless of the weather. Likewise, owning a good quality headlight can give you more advantage when finding your desired animals, and they wouldn’t even notice it. You’ll thank us later!

5. Hunting Electric Bike 

Having a transport mode for quick and easy transit between hunting locations is a must and an advantage as well. One of the most crucial factors in successful hunting is having a reliable ride that is fast yet hushed, leaving no mark of disruptive sound.

Perhaps one of the best things that have happened to sport hunting is the arrival of electric hunting bikes. With so much power in-store, an electric hunting bike can carry loads of gears, equipment, and especially your catch. Most hunting e-bikes have a maximum load capacity ranging from 300 to 350 lbs. More than enough to carry all the stuff that you have.

When it comes to speed, an electric hunting bike also tops the game. Some hunting e-bikes reach a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour, while some go up to an impressive rate of 28 miles per hour! Every move you make with an electric hunting bike is indeed as quiet as a whisper’s sound.

Likewise, an electric hunting bike is equipped with modern technological pieces like an LCD display system, a USB charging port, and accessible controllers for lights and gears.

Your preys are extremely alert to sound and movements in hunting that even the slightest motion or gesture they can sense. That is why having an electric bike, particularly a hunting e-bike, gives you the edge among your opponents and can even give you a higher chance of taking home a catch.

Technology is undoubtedly a part of this world that we live in already, and if you want to fully experience the best of what is available at the moment, you must keep yourself up-to-date with these kinds of advancements. Not only will it deliver you better results and help you make more efficient choices when appropriately used, but you are also making the most out of your experiences through these things. Consider it as an investment!

So the next time you plan on going ace hunting, ask yourself how equipped you are in terms of only giving yourself the best experience possible. You deserve it!

Guest article written by: Trevor Fenner is the founder and owner of Electric Bike Paradise, a one-stop-shop for all your electric bicycle needs. He has been selling bicycles, electric bikes, and electric scooters online since 2010 and eventually established Electric Bike Paradise in late 2013 when he happened to meet a seller from Craiglist that introduced him to electric bikes. Ever since Trevor spent time searching for electric bikes online but couldn’t find a single website that offers a wide selection of bikes and informational articles. That is why he decided to start a website where everyone can shop conveniently, browse buying guides, and read educational posts. The website is called Electric Bike Paradise.

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