Top Mobile App Growth Trends that will Dominate in 2021

Mobile apps have changed our lives continuously over the last few years. Thanks to their great popularity and usefulness, they offer an excellent opportunity for app developers and businesses alike.

According to Statista, mobile apps expect to generate revenues of around USD 189 billion.

In addition, many experts have already stated that the mobile app development industry is one of the fastest-growing industries and shows no signs of slowing down in the future.

With the latest technological advances and new inventions emerging almost daily, it is not wrong to think that 2021 will be the year of mobile apps. Both app developers and companies will have even more opportunities to do business in the future.

After in-depth research conducted by our team of business analysts, we have identified and listed below the most promising mobile app development trends that will dominate in 2021.

1| The AR/VR era is just beginning!

AR and VR both are great! There is no doubt about it. But in 2021, their use cases will no longer be limited to gaming apps.

Technology giants are already innovating lots of new use cases for both. For example, both Google and Apple are releasing new AR demos on their latest devices, proof that AR/VR will change the game shortly.

These technologies predict to be seen on social platforms for branding purposes and reach potential customers through AR/VR “Beyond The Screens” apps.

Snapchat and Instagram, for example, have already released their AR filters that can transform human faces into various digital whimsical characters.

Examples of AR and VR trends

  • AR glitches in mobile phones
  • AR in marketing and advertising
  • AR in healthcare
  • AR in industry

2| Smart objects – a new era of smart objects connected to mobile phones

The term “smart things” or “smart objects” was initially born out of relatively new technology – the Internet of Things.

It is also known as IoT, and it is essentially a network of physical objects with sensors, electronics, and software, all connected to the network itself.

For example, Samsung, Xiaomi, Bosch, Honeywell, and many other big brands already have a significant market share.

Some of these recent IoT application development trends include Kisi Smart Lock, Nest Smart Home, and Google Home.

Overall, IoT is considered one of the technologies that are revolutionizing the world of mobile app development. Indeed, the global IoT market expects to generate USD 1.335 trillion in revenues by 2021.

Future IoT trends

  • Smart homes and intelligent places
  • Routers with more fuses
  • Self-driving cars
  • IoT in healthcare

3| Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Both AI and machine learning have dug deeper into the mobile app market.

AI has primarily taken the form of chatbots. At the same time, Siri, a combination of machine learning and AI, is now an integral part of mobile app innovation and can no longer be separated.

In 2019, will not limit the power of AI and machine learning will not be limited to chatbots and Siri.

Many organizations have already started to leverage AI app development to increase profitability and reduce operational costs in various forms.

According to IDC, more than 75% of employees using ERP solutions plan to leverage AI capabilities to develop their skills in the workplace.

It means that AI and machine learning are deeply embedded in existing mobile applications and have significant potential for future innovation.

Future trends you can see in AI and machine learning in the future.

  • AI-driven DevOps with AIOps
  • AI chips
  • Machine Learning
  • Interoperability of neural networks

4| Beacons are no longer an innovation. 

Several industries, such as museums, hotels, and healthcare, are now using beacon technology in their applications.

We understand it is secure to say that beacon technology has become accessible to the average user.

However, their use cases will not be limited to these in 2021. Beacons have much more comprehensive capabilities.

For example, beacons connected to retail IoT can help users gain valuable insights into sales and other current offers they might find in their vicinity.

  • Mobile payment beacons
  • Artificial intelligence chips
  • Machine learning
  • Beacon Hunting

5| The cloud – an essential component of future mobile applications.

While many still see cloud computing as a luxury option, this will no longer be the case by 2021.

The world is already starting to wake up to the benefits and opportunities offered by the cloud.

For example, lower web hosting costs, better download capacity, and streamlined business operations are just some of the benefits of cloud computing.

Today, cloud computing solves many security problems, making mobile app development safer, faster, and more reliable.

In addition, cloud technologies such as Dropbox, AWS, SlideRocket, and many others now enable robust applications directly in the cloud.

It means that in 2021 we can expect to see more robust apps that require little storage space on a smartphone.

Cloud computing trends in 2021

  • Quantum computing
  • Hybrid cloud solutions
  • Evolution of cloud services and solutions

6| Mobile wallets – the turning point for mobile banking!

There is no doubt that the demand for mobile payment solutions application development is growing. With security being the main concern for developers, mobile wallets will only increase in 2021.

Today’s customers want to see frictionless payment methods in the mobile apps they use.

So by 2021, mobile wallets and payment gateway integrations that offer the highest level of secure encryption will become commonplace in all types of mobile applications.

  • Mobile wallet trends in 2021
  • Over 2 billion mobile wallet users
  • More secure mobile wallets
  • Contactless payments

| Conclusion

We believe that keeping up with the latest trends and technologies is essential to stay ahead of ever-changing customer and competitive demands.

This blog hopes to have shared some great insights on mobile app development trends for 2021.

If we have overlooked anything, please let us know in the comment box below.

We promise to do thorough research and provide in-depth insights upon request.

Even if it is difficult to identify the exact benefits of mobile app development trends for your business, and if so, please contact our experts. We will make sure your app stands out in the mobile app market.

Guest article written by: Olivia Cuthbert, PixelCrayons

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