EU Law will force Apple to switch to USB-C Charger for iPhones by 2024

It seems the life of the lightning cable from Apple is nearing its end as the European Parliament has passed a legislation that requires all smart devices sold in Europe to have the USB type-C connector.  This forces companies like Apple to get rid of their proprietary connector and adhere to the implemented law.

The issue of having all smart devices getting the USB-C connector was first discussed in September of 2021 by the EU parliament. According to them, they have spent years in trying to convince companies to voluntarily adopt the type-C connector, not just for its fast-charging time and fast transfer of data, but also because it is viably the best option for the consumers. Additionally, if all devices across the home uses a universal connector, it reduces environmental waste and at the same time provides convenience for the consumers.

With a vote of 602 in favor against only 13, the decision has been made by the legislative body that by the end of 2024, all mobile phones, tablets, and cameras that are to be sold across the EU’s 27 member countries should sport a USB type-C connector. This law would then extend to laptops by mid-2026.

While the decision of the EU legislation may come as a big blow for Apple by forcing them to switch port from their proprietary lightning port to USB-C port with their upcoming phones in 2025, it is possible that the company would be making the switch anyway as they have already started to adopt the type-C port with their MacBooks.  In fact, many if the newer iPad’s already come with the type-C port.  Overall, the legislation will simply make it earlier for Apple to adopt to the more universal type-C port.

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