Oscar Nominee Apple TV+ Film CODA Returns to Theaters for Free

CODA, an Apple TV+ film, recently received an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. To celebrate and in an effort to get the movie seen by more people, Apple is planning to re-release it in theaters, absolutely free.

CODA will be made available to watch for free in theaters for a limited time only, from February 25 (Friday) to February 27 (Sunday). All of the free showings will display open captions so they would be easily accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing people in the audience.

The movie will be available in select theaters across major cities in the United States and London, with three showtimes available daily for audiences and they will be allowed to watch on a first come, first serve basis. In Los Angeles, one show will feature a live Q&A with the cast and the writer/director Siân Heder, including ASL translators.

Apple’s Head of Features Matt Dentler said, “Every so often, a film comes along that strikes a deep emotional chord for audiences who celebrate its win for humanity. CODA does just that. Siân and the amazing cast and crew of ‘CODA’ gave the world a gift with this film, and we are inspired to pass this gift on.”

The same movie was initially made available in theaters and on Apple TV+ in August last year and since then has received various awards and nominations, including Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award winner at Sundance Film Festival.

CODA is the first film to star a predominantly deaf cast to receive a nomination for Best Picture. It is a story about a CODA (child of deaf adults) Ruby Rossi, a high school student who is the only member in her family who can hear normally. After discovering a passion for singing, Ruby is torn between family obligations and her dreams.

Since its launch, CODA has received largely positive reviews and Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 96% positive rating.

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