7 ways to boost your data science skills in 2022

Data science is a vast field that has seen rapid growth in the last decade. It is one of the highest-paid and most in-demand jobs of the 21st century. In fact, the current demand for data science will reach a 160% growth in the next five years. There are many different skills that an aspiring data scientist must have. To stay on top of their game, data science professionals must stay up to date on the field’s constant changes and new advancements.

Analytics and data science have changed the way we look at many things around us. From marketing to business decisions and customer support, data plays a vital role in every aspect of our lives. And in our fast-paced world, the speed is increasing at which the data is growing. With more data coming up, companies are now exploring and experimenting with how to use new technologies to improve their competitive edge. Artificial intelligence, deep learning, and data science are a few of the terms that are causing a buzz in the business world.

Breaking into the data world can seem to be a big step, especially given the tremendous demand and the increasing number of companies using data to improve themselves. However, it is achievable only with the right strategy and efforts.

I’ve put together a step-by-step guide to advancing your data science skills.

If you’re a data science enthusiast or a seasoned professional, this blog will give you tips on how to improve your skills and secure a lucrative data science job. 

So Let’s get started!

1. Develop a Data-driven mindset:

The first and most important step is to create a data-driven mindset, which includes sharpening your understanding of how to use data to solve problems. This is similar to how financial experts advise you to have a wealth mindset before embarking on wealth creation (makes sense?)

2. Take up a certification course:

The hardest part of moving from a data science enthusiast to a six-figure professional is mastering the skills required to get there. If you’re breaking into the data field, it’s important to become a pro in a variety of data science tools and practices. Fortunately, there are a plethora of resources available. Thus, enrolling in a Bootcamp is the most effective way to enhance your data science skills. If you’re looking to get ahead in the job market, consider taking a data science course.

3. Reading materials

It is said that reading a book can be one of the quickest ways to learn new skills. Read as many as books you can. It can be academics, textbooks, blogs, and articles related to data science and tools. You can also consider reading the journey of data scientists from various industries,

Some of the popular books:

  1. Python data science handbook  – Jake VanderPlas
  2. Practical statistics for data scientists – Peter Bruce and Andrew Bruce
  3. Python for data analysis – Wes McKinney 

4. Look for Blogs and Articles:

Reading blogs and articles related to data science is a great way to get exposure to the data world. You’ll find plenty of bogs on sites like medium, Analytics Vidhya, towardsdatascience, and many others. Moreover, you can create your own data science blogs or articles as it will help you in gaining a thorough understanding of the subject.

5. Practice technical skills:

The most intimidating part about finding a new line of work in the data science field is cracking technical interviews. This is an excellent opportunity to brush up on the technical coding skills required for landing the new job. By simply dedicating 30 mins of coding practice, you can become a pro at programming.

R, Tableau, Python, SQL, and Hadoop are the top five tools professional data scientists use, and learners should be familiar with them.

Hackerrank, Leetcode, and Top coder are some of the sites where you can practice your coding skills. 

6. Start side projects:

Working on side projects is the most effective way to leverage your data science knowledge and skills. Additionally, you can participate in open source data science projects like Git-hub and Kaggle, to explore and experiment to develop your analytical skills.

Utilize your spare time to concentrate on data science projects that interest you. This will definitely help you improve your technical skills while also showing potential employers that you have good time management ability and a genuine interest in the tech world.

7. Be active in the data science community

Connections and networking are very important be it in marketing, software, or any other career. When it comes to career advancement, learning about key influencers and keeping an eye out for professionals will provide numerous networking and referral opportunities. Hence it is important to have connections in your circle of influence. Start networking with people and participate in various data science fests and events.


To summarize this article, We’ve seen that Data science is one of the hottest fields in today’s era and is expected to grow by more than 30% in the next 5 years. It is a rapidly evolving field that relies on new tools and processes. And the required skillset of a data scientist expands with each passing year. Furthermore, the growing demand for data science expertise is opening up new opportunities for both specialists and generalists. Besides, a successful career in data science needs continuous learning.

The right data science training and certification to acquire the necessary data scientist skills are the foundations for success. Enrol in IBM accredited Data science course in Dehli today to take the first step toward your enhancing your data science skills.

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