Best Headless Commerce Platforms in 2022

The evolution of eCommerce based businesses is increasing day by day. Business owners are always looking for ways to get more customers to increase their site’s revenue. Headless commerce is an emerging eCommerce development approach that separates the front-end from the back-end.

It lets you build a flexible eCommerce website for your business. You can implement the concept of headless commerce in your eCommerce store by leveraging the headless commerce development services from a reliable development partner.

Want to know the best Headless commerce platforms in 2022? Keep reading this blog post to know more about the Headless commerce platforms and the benefits of headless commerce development. Let’s start.

What is Headless Commerce?

Headless commerce means decoupling the front-end layer of a website from its back-end. It facilitates developers to integrate with any platform via API. It lets you build eCommerce stores to provide user experience as per your business objectives and requirements. 

If you want to implement the headless approach seamlessly in your project, you can rely on a headless commerce company for the perfect eCommerce solutions.

Benefits of Using Headless Commerce Development

The benefits of considering Headless commerce development for your business are mentioned as follows –

  • Seamless Integration

Headless commerce uses the APIs concept that makes it easy to connect with other platforms. Without APIs, you may have to use the plugins that further require constant updates and security patches. But API integration ensures that you can transfer the data quickly and easily without the need for updates.

  • Customization

Due to the decoupled architecture, headless commerce offers endless customization possibilities for designing your online store. It even makes it less risky and easier to make changes in the front end by knowing that you won’t have to interrupt the back end with these changes.

  • Faster Time To Market

You have to constantly match with the customer expectations to provide a better site experience to them. Headless commerce lets you quickly change the site’s front-end without doing modifications in the back-end part. So, you can quickly implement new features to your website with the help of a headless commerce company as per your business requirements and customer expectations.

To know more about Headless commerce, you can read this guide – Headless Commerce – A Comprehensive Guide.

Major Headless eCommerce Platforms

When switching to headless commerce, you might require the best platform as per your project requirements. Now let’s start discussing our main topic, the top five headless eCommerce platforms in 2022.

  • Shopify Plus 

It is a headless commerce platform that offers the best tools and systems for your eCommerce store. This multi-channel headless commerce software handles high traffic volumes. 

Shopify Plus can be a good headless eCommerce option for mid-to-large-sized businesses. It is a cost-effective and feature-rich platform that comes with advanced eCommerce features.

It includes endless capabilities and built-in eCommerce automation tools. So with a Shopify development company, you can make it possible to use the Shopify plus platform for headless commerce development.

  • Magento 

It is now called ‘Adobe Commerce’. Magento is one of the top open-source eCommerce platforms that comes with powerful built-in features and great customizability. It is an outstanding headless eCommerce platform that you can use to provide a smooth customer experience across every channel and device.

Magento headless eCommerce platform includes various features such as SEO, API, content management, shopping cart, order management, eCommerce management, and many others. Along with its extensive features, it offers the top benefits to businesses such as greater flexibility, fantastic user experience for customers, enhanced performance, etc.

So, to leverage the benefits of Magento development services in your eCommerce store, it will be better to hire a reliable Magento development partner.

  • BigCommerce

It is also an open-source and popular headless eCommerce platform that is packed with all-in-one top eCommerce features. It helps businesses to create their online presence with ease.

BigCommerce platform is best for the established and growing businesses that are looking to extend their operations and market. It also provides security and a seamless checkout experience to customers. 

It lets you run various front-end solutions from a single BigCommerce account. This is because the presentation layer is decoupled from the commerce engine in BigCommerce.

  • Elastic Path

Elastic Path is one of the popular headless eCommerce systems that facilitate integrating the template-less eCommerce into enterprise ERP systems like middleware. 

It lets you customize and deploy a unified customer experience. This is an API-based platform that primarily focuses on enterprise-level organizations. 

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud 

It is a highly scalable and cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) eCommerce solution. It offers best-in-class features that are helpful for enterprise-level businesses. It can be used to create smart and unified buying experiences across web, mobile, and store.

Brands and retailers that want to focus on trading, not development, and require the B2C functionality mainly target the Salesforce commerce cloud.


So, we have discussed the top eCommerce platforms that offer headless capabilities, and you can find a relevant one according to your business requirements and project requisites.

All the platforms discussed above are best for headless commerce development. But you should explore each one for a good selection. With the exact headless commerce platform as, you can deliver the best digital experience to your customers. 

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