Flat Plate Battery V/S Tubular Batteries: Know all The Differences Between These Inverter Batteries

When it comes to inverter batteries, you have two choices, flat plate batteries and tubular batteries. Both of these batteries are designed to tackle specific power situations and to get the best possible backup, you must choose a battery as per the power situation at your place. 

If you have been wondering as to which one you must choose to get the maximum efficiency, then you have landed at the right place, as we discuss the key differences between the two that will help you make an informed decision. 

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Backup Efficiency 

Both flat plate batteries, and tubular batteries are highly efficient batteries; however, there is a key difference. Flat plate inverter batteries are designed for short &  more frequent power cuts, while tubular batteries are made to handle long power cuts. Therefore, if your area is prone to frequent power cuts of a shorter duration, then a flat plate battery is the one you should go for. And if your area suffers due to long power cuts, then a tubular battery would be a great fit for your home. 


Tubular batteries are often larger when compared to flat plate batteries. So, if you are short on space, then a flat plate battery can easily fit into your home. Short Tubular batteries generally require more space, so they are considered best for bigger households where space isn’t of a major concern. 

Load Handling Capacity 

Tubular batteries are designed to handle higher load capacities and can run a variety of heavy load equipments when compared to flat plate batteries. So, if you want to run power hungry appliances such as air conditioners, geysers, and refrigerators, etc. then a tubular battery would make more sense for you. 

Service Life and Maintenance

If you choose a good quality battery manufactured by a reliable brand, then both the batteries shouldn’t give you any trouble when it comes to their service life, and maintenance costs. Make it a point to avoid purchasing lower quality batteries made available by local manufacturers if you want to avoid spending a bomb on maintenance costs, and don’t like the idea of purchasing a new battery a couple of years down the line. 

Now that we have discussed the key differences between the two, let’s have a brief look at how you can choose a battery that is of a higher build quality! 

Always buy batteries that are made by a reliable brand and avoid buying locally made batteries of cheaper build quality. Even though batteries sold by local manufacturers might cost you very little initially, you will end up spending a lot on its upkeep, and the battery would most likely die out sooner than expected. 

If you are looking for either a flat plate battery or tubular one, you can explore a wide range of batteries across budgets by Luminous which is India’s top brand. They have been known for their reliability and innovation in technology that has cemented their position as market leaders. All their batteries are made using the highest quality components that guarantees a long service life, and requires next to no maintenance, helping you save a lot on money in the long run. 

So, if you are looking for a battery that can truly deliver the exceptional power and backup efficiency you expect from a high-quality battery, do check out their complete catalogue of inverter batteries. In the end, all we would like to say is that, as a consumer you must always make informed choices so that you can avoid falling into any pitfalls. So, do your research and only buy products that gives you the most value for your hard earned money! 

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