Get Passive Income Being an Affiliate: Easy Way To Earn!

If you have the corresponding skills, there are plenty of ways to make money in the field of graphic design — teaching other artists, freelancing, creating branding for various companies and of course selling your work on the marketplace. However, the last option is also attractive for another category, namely marketers and traffic specialists, because on the MasterBundles marketplace you can become an affiliate.

The pro team will reveal all the details, from what this marketplace is and what being an affiliate means, to what the benefits of this role are and how to become an affiliate.

What is MasterBundles?

So, the platform itself is a graphical marketplace where users can make money online as a vendor (selling their products) or an affiliate (sharing links with an affiliate parameter). However, these roles can be combined if a user wants to create design & share links for promoting other products. 

Buyers can find quite a diverse range of options, which include:

  • graphic elements (icons, illustrations, SVGs, patterns, textures, logos, backgrounds, infographic objects);
  • fonts;
  • templates for presentations, postcards, certificates, invitations, landing pages, and WordPress sites;
  • UI kits;
  • plugins for Illustrator, Photoshop & Lightroom;
  • and diverse stock content such as footage and stock photos.

The portal itself works according to a concept that debunks the myth that a stylish design should be very expensive, and novice artists will not be able to get a decent income. There are worthwhile products in the assortment at an affordable price, and an artist of any level can earn if the products are attractive to the audience.

Who Are Affiliates?

MasterBundles affiliate is a role that has its own affiliate parameter that can be added to the product link. Later, the user can distribute a link to the product and encourage other people to purchase it — the affiliate receives 15% from each sale.

By the way, there are a large number of free design elements on the portal, so the question “Is there any profit from sharing freebie product links?” is quite rational. An affiliate can distribute a free product, but when a buyer purchases the same premium design, 15% will be added to the account — thanks to cookies. Explore the assortment (1) and try the filters to narrow the search (2)!

Benefits Of Being an Affiliate

Those who have long taken on the role of an affiliate talk about the following advantages of this role:

  • you can receive regular passive income even without design skills;
  • there is no minimum withdrawal limit for affiliates — you can request a cash out whenever you want it;
  • super convenient and intuitive affiliate`s vendor; 
  • convenient banking services (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Union Pay);
  • creative banners that are optimized for conversion;
  • user-friendly support service that answers super fast (just make a request on [email protected] mail);
  • exclusive offers with a fairly high conversion rate and thematic design packages suitable for your audience.

We should also talk about the potential of the affiliate role. You don’t have to spend time looking for products or vendors whose designs would suit your audience, because the range is really large — in addition, it grows every year. 

Regarding the actual profitability of the affiliate role, it can be easily calculated. If the commission is 15%, the number of sales of one product is usually +-5 per day, and the average price of a product fluctuates around $25. Thus, the commission price per product is $3.75, and an affiliate can receive up to $562.5 ($3.75x5x30) per month!

And this is just an average. The price of products ranges from $5 to $200, so if you decide to become a marketer for high-end expensive products or actively promote affiliate products, then the monthly earnings will be even higher than $560+.  Most importantly, do not forget to study the range and news from the Design Blog to find the best options for your customers!

How To Become an Affiliate?

In order to start earning as a MasterBundles affiliate, you need to register and choose your role. To get started, click on the “Sign Up” button and fill in all the required fields — first name, last name, mail, nickname and password (all of them are mandatory):

On the next screen, fill in your phone number and wait until the platform sends you the verification code — after entering it and getting the “success” image, you can create the cabinet. 

Then just choose an Affiliate role (however, you can combine two or all of them) and visit the Affiliate cabinet:

In the general information tab, you can track all the basic data, which will include your affiliate link, the code for embed your affiliate link, as well as detailed earnings statistics:

  • total earnings (Commissions pending payment, Commissions paid);
  • the number of sales made (Accepted referrals pending payment, Referrals paid);
  • monthly income.

In the personal information tab, customers will see their data — you can change your mail, website address, nickname and password if you want to update it. 

General & Personal Information Tabs in Affiliate`s Cabinet

Remember that the affiliate parameter can be applied to absolutely any MasterBundles marketplace page, so you can direct your target audience to either a specific category or a specific product page.


Being an affiliate on the marketplace is a direct way to get passive income, because 15% of each sale allows you to earn about 500 bucks a month or more. A wide range of graphic products on different themes allows you to find great options for various projects and target audiences, where you will be able to share the link. So if you are a marketer, web traffic specialist or want to master this role, the MasterBundles affiliate program is definitely worth your attention. 

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