How to set up your working desk for work from home?

Coronavirus outbreak teaches us to adapt work from the home scenario and easily share value and productivity in our work. 

Well, it is not that difficult to work from home and provide value towards your work. Many freelancers are doing this and making money through their freelancing work. 

If you are dedicated to your work and want to share value in work, you need to organize the area where you will work at your home. 

Let’s explore 10 easy steps to set up your desk for work from home.. 

  1. Choose the right place for your work 
  2. Your desk should be movable 
  3. Create a Professional environment around you 
  4. Write down your routine on your desk 
  5. A good Chair 
  6. Good Lighting 
  7. Good Internet Connection
  8. Needed Equipment and other resources

1. Choose the right place for your work: 

Choose the right place for your work where you get motivated to work and add value to your tasks. Ask yourself these questions for choosing the right place. 

Does that area give you your comfort zone? 

Can you work here without disturbance? 

Does that area motivate you by any chance?

Can you add value to your work while working here?

If you can answer the majority of questions as “yes,” it would be the perfect area to choose for working from home. 

2. Your desk should be Movable: 

A movable desk will be a good choice for you to start with the right work from home environment. A movable desk for work from home will always help you create a suitable environment for your tasks while working from home. 

It will be helpful to choose the perfect location for your working from home environment set your standard according to the work you are going to do with the movable desk. 

3. Create a professional environment around you: 

You have to make a professional atmosphere around you that makes a good and healthy working experience. Make everything you need available at your desk if you want to share value in your tasks and increase the productivity of your work. 

A professional environment helps us to get better at our work and make everything appear professional easily. 

4. Write down your routine on your desk: 

Write down your routine on your desk to accomplish all the tasks before the deadline. This might help you to use your time precisely and easily complete all your tasks. It makes it easier for you to share your tasks and complete them before the deadline to boost the productivity of your work easily. 

Write down your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to easily provide value in your work, which helps you complete your task easily. 

5. A Good Chair: 

Sitting for lengthy amounts of time on these seats might lead to back pain, you run the risk of injury. For example, dining chairs and deck chairs seldom have the correct height and don’t always support the requisite upright posture. They’re also not usually comfortable, either.

If you can, invest in an Aeron office chair. Thus, you can find the ideal posture for your body and workplace by adjusting the chair’s height. 

The most extravagant ones can cost up to $600, but less expensive ones can do the job for as little as $150 to $250. In order to get a true sense of how they fit, you’ll need to try them on in person if at all feasible.

6. Good Lighting: 

Ignoring the importance of your work environment might be a mistake. Many people overlook the importance of lighting when designing a space. Your workstation should be well-lit by both direct and indirect light so that you can readily read documents and view physical things. Ceiling lamps and other forms of overhead illumination are typically the most effective.

If you don’t see the lights directly in front of you or reflect off your display, they’re considered indirect lighting. Glare on your monitor screen can be caused by sunlight streaming from a window behind or to the side of your workstation. Shades or curtains can be used to soften natural light, preventing glare.

7. Good Internet Connection: 

The minimum speed to aim for is 50Mbps, and the more people use the internet simultaneously, the more you need a higher-speed service. Most metropolitan and suburban regions have at least one high-speed internet service provider.

It’s also important to consider your internet connection speed at home. If feasible, use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer to your network. This is important if you plan to do video editing or other bandwidth-intensive chores. If you don’t have a wired connection to your router, Wi-Fi is acceptable for essential office work.

8. Needed Equipment and other Resources: 

In order to play, you’ll need a computer keyboard and mouse or touchpad. The built-in keyboard and trackpad may be inaccessible if you’re using an external monitor because your laptop is likely folded shut or positioned off to the side. 

As long as they respond to touch and are not too big or too little for your hands or your posture, any keyboard and mouse will do. They save you from tangles of cords but necessitate recharging or replacing the batteries.

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