Know Why You Should Go for Managed WordPress Hosting

To establish an online presence, your business needs a website, and undoubtedly, it is your most essential digital marketing tool and business card. The visitors to your website decide to do business based on your website’s design, quality and performance. Therefore, if you want your business to be successful, you need to juggle with several things from creating a website and hosting it to advertising, creating content and social media marketing. 

You have enough options to choose a web builder and a hosting service. One of the best options is using the WordPress hosting provider, for businesses without managed hosting will be in a challenging situation to ensure that everything is appropriately configured. The site can become slow and affect traffic, and can cause loss of revenue. Here is why you should go for managed WordPress hosting as the provider will manage all the backend maintenance. 

What is managed WordPress hosting?

With web hosting, you have your website stored on a computer server, which is accessed by any Internet user. The managed web hosting helps you engage a specific web hosting company to control and manage your website server by updating the software, securing it, making backups and tweaking it for better performance. Other than managing the server, a WordPress hosting service also helps by administering and optimizing the WordPress software. 

There are several reasons why you should choose a WordPress hosting provider.

1. You have professionals to support you

When it comes to managed WordPress hosting, you don’t have to be worried about any issues related to the website or server. Your hosting provider will take care of them with an expert team monitoring your server round the clock. Moreover, they are experts in working on the WordPress platform. Most of the staff members will be engineers and developers and work on it every day. The support team is available on chat, phone and email to deal with any issues you encounter online. They keep checking the status of your website every 2-3 minutes.

2. You have a website optimized for high performance 

A WordPress hosting provider offers you an environment that is highly suitable to work using WordPress. When choosing a hosting service, performance or uptime is the most important aspect considered. And the managed hosting is known to offer the best uptime for a website. Moreover, the provider handles the caching by implementing full-page or senior-level caching. This helps you avoid trying to find out the best caching plugins, which can be frustrating.

Moreover, you have the benefit of using the latest versions of WordPress and the environment fine-tuned for it. This helps your WordPress site to load at great speeds.

3. You get access to free WordPress themes

By having access to over 80 free premium WordPress themes and plugins, you save thousands of dollars buying them individually.  This helps you choose the most suitable theme and plugin for your website or ecommerce store. There are quite a few plans starting from a standard to a premium, expert and elite that help you choose the storage space, websites, email accounts, etc., for your online store website. The plans are available from $11 to $66 per month.

4. You have better scalability

When considering various aspects for web hosting, scalability is one among them. Your business website may experience low traffic all through the year, but there may be a sudden surge of visitors during festivals, holidays or sales events. In such times, you cannot rely on a website that performs well when there is less traffic and slows down or crashes during heavy traffic. You cannot handle the issue if you don’t have a managed hosting service.

With WordPress managed hosting, you get to have more resources allocated to your website. They also cache your leading files and pages automatically to reduce any stress on your WordPress database.

5. You get high-level of security

If you are running an ecommerce store, security tops the list, for the visitors should find the webpage safe to shop. The customers’ sensitive information should be protected through an advanced encryption system. Your WordPress site requires active and passive security measures, which a hosting provider can offer to avoid any malicious intruders. The hosting plan comes with security software to prevent malware and DDoS attacks.

6. You have automatic backups

Your WordPress site has automatic backups for no charge. You don’t have to be worried about losing your files. If you buy a WP hosting plan from a reliable provider, it will include certain number of automatic backups. And you can download the files anytime if you want to. In case you have a WooCommerce-enabled store, you can find add-ons, which will help you make backups for your site every one or two hours.  

With a WordPress hosting service, you don’t have to worry about having any technical staff or about the performance of your website. There are professionals who can do it for an affordable price. All you need to do is to focus on your business to expand or grow it further.

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