Swift versus react native app development which one is better?

Looking at the benefits of Swift and React Native App Development, it becomes quite difficult to arrive at the decision which one is better. Both these technologies support the mobile app development meant for the iOS devices. React Native is relatively an older programming language compared to Swift which is a framework for JavaScript. In this article we would be discussing striking differences between the two and which one is better for iOS development. We would also see the uses and pros and cons. Let’s get started. 

Swift Application Development

IOS application development denotes app development specific to Apple iPhone, iPod, and other devices entitled under Apple Company. The app development uses shift and C language to create any application needed in apple devices. This needs a Mac computer and a Mac laptop to develop your application. This also follows a stringent review process to make your application successful. You might need three requirements for developing an iOS application – a mac laptop or mac computer, x code and you need an active apple app developer account to create your application. This swift application development is more popular even within 7 years of development. As this application developing interface is new, it’s very difficult to hire a swift application developer


  • This uses a much simpler language objective C for applications development 
  • The syntax is used in application development, this is much easier to make the user interface and better to adapt 
  • Increased speed is present. This is more than 2.6 times higher than normal application development 
  • Reading ability of application development is much easier in terms of easier language usage.
  • Privacy is maintained through the safe user interface 
  • Swift has solved issues faced by other application development that is application binary stability. This is the reason for the success of this application. 


  • This is a much newer language so this makes it an application development that is known only by certain individuals. So it’s very rare to find app designers needed in application development. 
  • Difficulty to hire a swift application developer.

React native app development

  • The main use of this app development thing is it maintains the same citation as that of apps produced in the normal play store. You get similar compliance between apps present in the apple store and play store.
  • The language used in react native app development is similar to the language we use in-app development in the play store for Android app development. 
  • The building data you work with is similar to Android-based app development. 
  • The code-based similarity is more in react native app development interface in between apple app and play store app.
  • These do not need Java, swift for app development and this makes our application development process hassle-free and easy.
  • You can use this react native application development company to access your application process through mobile, desktop, and web service providers. 


  • Reusability of app information: You can use the code you have written once for developing some other app. This information is stored in the app for your usage in the future to develop applications based on the information you stored prior. This reusability of code is permitted both to the app and web development. 
  • Assured growth: Usage of react native development in react native development company assures success as this is used by many individuals to create applications. 
  • You might get an open library to view reference codes that might help you to get ideas regarding your application development. 
  • Live application loading: This facility is derived from the hot facility replacement module, which helps you to keep account of correction and app coding in a memo to see corrections needed and amendments required to make the app more efficient. This facility helps you to improvise your application. 
  • The presence of a simulator helps you to read your application development completely to make your application successful. This feature makes your work stress-free to complete the reading of codes.
  • This also has an inbuilt improvising application that helps you to bring out the best application. 
  • Improvising applications include enzyme, chai, mocha, and jest. These well-advanced testing tools help you to create a unique mistake-free application. 
  • The reusability function saves you lots of time
  • This application is built on a large developer base. So you can trust this application development to design your application with versatility. This is built on Facebook building communities.

Cons of react native app development

  • It is very difficult to make it debug as this uses C, C++ language to make your application. 
  • This uses an immature user interface, where speed is not guaranteed. 
  • If you have a low customer interface mobile, you can’t create applications on your mobile. 
  • As react native development runs on gesture management services. This makes it difficult to understand and build 
  • We use Javascript to build applications but this is not a well-defined language even though it is a well-developed language. You can’t flexibly create an application.
  • As application development uses these languages under-react, a native app is tougher. You can’t create a cross-platform under this tougher scenario. 

Comparison – Swift vs React Native

  • In terms of stability swift is much better than the other one, as this interface has simpler language and the safest platform 
  • In terms of user interface, swift leads as this application development interface has Syntax as its developing language. This makes it simpler and user-friendly. So this overtakes react native in terms of simplicity. 
  • As react native can’t provide a cross-over interface this can’t be chosen over swift in terms of performance. This makes swift lead overreact native. 
  • Both application development interfaces have equal points for speed in generating certain code for applications. 
  • According to development options, both have equal points as these have equal features and facilities 
  • Javascript is learned by everyone, so learning application development in react-native is better than Swift which is a newer one in application development. So react-native wins over swift application development. 
  • According to affordability, react-native wins over Swift. As Swift requires a mac laptop or mac computer this is a costly requirement Coding costs for both application development are equal and this makes react-native conquer.
  • Even though having an easier interface, swift doesn’t have much customization and popularity. React native is present in Facebook and social media. So react-native wins.


After comparing all types of features we see swift is a younger language still it is user friendly with high-speed provision. It takes a long time to get popularity among creators. Instead of being cost-effective and popular, react native is the most used application development service. Javascript language is the most learned computer language than Syntax even though it is simpler. This popularity makes usage of Swift language for 26 percent and React native language for 73 percent. Swift vs React Native has its positives and negatives. You can compare these and can fetch the most suitable language for your application development. 


1. Should we use only Swift for making iOS applications?

Yes, Swift is a programming language that was made by Apple. Hence it contains all the libraries and features that are needed for building the mobile Applications for iOS devices. There are some other programming languages also available though.

2. How to Learn Swift For Building iOS Application?

It is recommended that you should read the official documentation that gives complete details and tutorials about how to write code using the swift Programming language. Also there are some tutorial courses available that you can use.

3. Should you Hire two different Developers for building Android and iOS Application?

No, Most of the other frameworks are available that allow you to build applications for both iOS and Android using the same codebase. For example, you can use React Native or Flutter to build Applications for Android and iOS. But if you want a specific application for iOS then Swift would be best.

Guest article written by: Albert Smith is Digital Marketing Manager at Hidden Brains, a leading Mobile & Web development company specializing in PHP, Microsoft, Android, iOS, react native development . He provides innovative ways to help tech companies, startups and large enterprises build their brand. https://www.linkedin.com/in/albertsmith007/ –  https://www.facebook.com/AlbertSmithHB  –  https://www.hiddenbrains.com

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