What are the best Vegas Slots? 

When people think of gambling, the chances are they are thinking about Las Vegas. For this reason, Vegas style slot games are incredibly popular at Slotzo.

Vegas slots

One place that will always be synonymous with gambling will be Las Vegas. Sin city has become the place to be if you are a gambler, with endless amounts of casinos to be played. Slot games have a place in Vegas as well, with rows upon rows of slots available for casino goers to play. Vegas slots are essentially slot games which try to emulate this Las Vegas atmosphere, something which is not easy to do. As Vegas slots are different from any other kind of slot game, these slots use unique sounds and graphics to capture the correct atmosphere. Players should expect to see lots of flashing lights, bright colours and catchy sounds. These slots offer bonuses that can help players win bigger prizes too!


Las Vegas is the gambling destination, it is a place where everybody who gambles goes. However, it is also located in Nevada, a place which is not easy for every player to get too. Luckily Vegas slots give players a chance to experience this Las Vegas atmosphere. The following are some of the benefits that come with Las Vegas slots. 

  • Authentic experience – If you are a player who has always wanted to travel to Las Vegas but cannot because it is not a feasible trip, then worry no longer. With these Vegas themed slot games, you will get an authentic experience of what slot gaming is like in sin city. As many of these games are modelled on actual slots in the city, the only way to get a more authentic experience would be to travel to Vegas.
  • Memorable – Las Vegas themed slots stick out from the crowd. One thing about these slots is that they are a memorable experience. If slot gaming is becoming tedious, try a Las Vegas themed slot and transform your gaming experience with all the bright lights and unique atmosphere of sin city.

Best Vegas slot 

Vegas style slot games are incredibly popular with players, mainly because many of them won’t have been to Las Vegas before. Yet, those that have been are also fans of these slots, due to their accuracy to the slot machines that populate sin city. 

  1. Triple Red Hot 777 – This slot is the quintessential classic Vegas slot. It has a simple design of only three reels, instantly bringing to mind slots of the past. The sound is also very evocative of classic slots. There are bonuses in this game however, with multipliers and free spins available to be won.
  2. Lucky 7 – This is a classic Vegas style slot developed by Betson. It features all the classic symbols on the reels including cherries and lucky sevens as well as three reels. The RTP of this slot is also 94%, ensuring that players will have a great time. 


Vegas style slot games are well liked by players as they help bring some authenticity to the players experience.

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