Top 3 Elements of Edfi Education Solution Every School Must Stay Aware of

Believe it or not, our necessities often compel us to come out of our comfort zone and invent something new that could fulfil our needs with ease. And no wonder why they call it, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Take, for instance, our education system. We have always relied on offline learning systems until the current pandemic made us “realize” the necessity of online ones. Be it classes, assignments, or assessments; you can carry out everything online nowadays using modern tech solutions. One such tech application that is gaining ground around the world is Edfi Education Solution. It is no less than a boon for the schools that want to educate their students remotely and keep track of every performance parameter that could affect their development. 

However, it might not be the reality if Google Classroom would not be part of Edfi Education Solution. So, before we jump to its practicality, it’s necessary to know about its components. Therefore, let’s see:

What is a Google Classroom?

If you pay attention to the definition by its makers, they say Google Classroom is the mission control system for the learners in a class, ok? However, if you see Google Classroom from our perspective, you will realize that it is just a set of Google’s Workspace tools that facilitates the communication between teachers and students. In other words, it makes it easy for educators to teach lessons to myriads of children online. That’s not all; this virtual product by Google also works as a digital organizer for the faculties where “they” can store their class materials and share with the pupils when needed, all without any physical interaction or paper use. It is the main reason Google Classroom has emerged as one of the most highly used edtech tools globally that is also a part of the Edfi Education Solution. 

How do school teachers can use Google Classroom?

With Google Classroom at their disposal, educators can: 

1. Streamline how they manage classes

Just to let you know, this application easily integrates with several Google tools like Docs, Drive, Forms, Calendar, and Meet. Thus, when you look inside it, you will find many built-in “shortcuts” that aim to ease classroom management tasks. For instance, suppose you want to give assignments to your students with a specific due date. In that case, as soon as you post the task in the Google Classroom, it will automatically get added to your pupils’ class calendar so they can check and complete it effortlessly. 

2. Communicate with students about their classwork 

Next, this platform allows you to see who has or hasn’t done their assignments when you post them on Google Classroom. Besides, if you want to talk to a particular learner privately about why they didn’t complete their work or if they need some extra support, this online classroom software lets you do that as well. 

3. Organize, distribute, and collect assignments digitally

Yes, and it is entirely feasible. Don’t you know how? Just think of the videos, PDFs, websites, and other similar materials, ok? And do you know what the good news is? You can post an assignment to several classes simultaneously and modify it from year to year as and when required. It means if your learners have regular access to the learning devices, the Google Classroom can eliminate their need to run to the photocopier for xeroxing documents every time. 

4. Give timely feedback to students 

Apart from all the above, Google Classroom is also useful for giving feedback to the concerned students regarding their assignments or assessment. Do you want to know how? For that, you can call on Google Forms for the creation and sharing of various quizzes. And the moment the pupils complete and submit them, they will get graded automatically. This way, you will have to not “just” spend less time on reviewing and grading the assignments but also make it easier for students to get feedback on their tasks quickly. 

Now let’s see:

Three Best modules of Edfi Education Solution you must know 

1. Ed-Fi Visual Dashboard 

It is a central platform where you can see all the essential details about the students, staff, ratio, sections, discipline, health, and many more in a way, i.e., intuitive, insightful, visual, clever, and easy to use. 

2. Student 360

This particular program comes in handy when you want to view each student’s information in one place, be it about their grades, parent, food, transcript, discipline, transport, absence, or schedule. 

3. Launchpad 

Lastly, to give more control to users, Edfi Education Solution also contains a feature-rich launchpad equipped with Google Classroom, cover substitute system, absentees, assignments, 360 view, students at risks, and other elements of the class management system. 

Wrapping up

We hope you learned a “multitude” of things through this blog post, be it the definition and usefulness of Google Classroom or the different elements of Edfi Education Systems. So, if you liked this piece of content and want to get an excellent education-centric tool for your schools, please make sure to get into conversation with the most reputed Edfi Education Application provider now. 

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