What is a Student’s Laptop?

If you visit an online retailer to buy a laptop, you will see that the computers are subdivided under several different categories such as Business, Student, Gaming, Workstation, and Designer. Since we are discussing student’s laptops in particular today, we will try to cover how retailers make the distinction and how you should make your own choice.

Student Laptops: Cheap, Light, and Long Battery

You will always find that the three qualities of affordability, durability (battery life), and portability are highlight features in the student laptop section. Other factors might be considered as well, but these will be the primary ones. Getting your money’s value from a lightweight laptop that lasts long is indeed a laptop that any student would want.

A Student’s Laptop is the One He Needs

Now we know the main criterions based on which retailers and manufacturers categorize their laptops. Unfortunately, those criterions alone are insufficient as they do not consider the possibility that a student may have requirements other than basic functionality, portability, and affordability.

For example, students studying digital art and multimedia will prefer to have a touchscreen that they can draw on using a digital pen. A software engineering student would need a something with a powerful processor and a tactile keyboard. Therefore, what can be considered a student’s laptop depends on what they are studying and what else they expect to use their respective laptops for. In other words, a student’s laptop is the one he needs to complete schoolwork and maybe even a few hobbies.

What about School Students?

More generalized suggestions can be made with greater applicability regarding laptops for school students. Education at school level is, more or less, a common path that most students must follow until they complete their high-school graduation. Contrary to popular belief, that does not necessarily mean that buying a school student a basic laptop is always the right option.

The laptop you buy for someone still in school should be geared towards the kind of education that they wish to follow after school. These Lenovo school laptops cover the entire spectrum of student laptops across all budget ranges. For example, the Yoga 9i is an excellent 2-in-1, touchscreen laptop for school students and it will last a good many years.

The IdeaPad Flex 3 on the other hand will get the job done at almost 1/5th of the former’s price, as long as you don’t plan to use the Ultrabook for anything at all except the most basic, regular work. If gaming is on your mind, though, you can’t go wrong with the powerful Legion 5 Pro. This powerful laptop is designed with enough minimalism to keep it from standing out in school as a gaming laptop.

The bottom line is that before you buy your next student laptop, ensure that it can deliver the performance that you expect from it. If you are a parent, take their digital hobbies and desires into account at your own discretion, before buying a new laptop for your child.

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