Why is Outlook Not Syncing With Gmail

Why is Outlook Not Syncing With Gmail

Is your Outlook not syncing with Gmail on Windows or Mac? You’re seeing this error due to your Gmail settings or another problem. In this blog, you’ll learn the complete solutions to fix these syncing errors.

Sometimes it’s not necessary to depend upon how much troubleshooting you have done, the easiest way to fix this syncing error is to re-add your Gmail account by deleting it from Outlook. All mail is stored on  Google Server, you will not miss any data during the process. To remove and re-add your Gmail account just go to your Account and re-add it.

Causes Of Gmail not Syncing with Outlook

Before applying any process, we need to know why Gmail is not syncing with Outlook. Therefore, I mention a few points in advance related to this issue:

  • Windows updates may block the IMAP connection leading to syncing error.
  • A weak network connection may stop syncing.
  • Inaccurate settings in your Google account can be an affecting factor.
  • The restriction of PST size in Outlook limits synchronization at a given point.
  • Due to a damaged Outlook data file, Outlook has stopped syncing with Gmail

How to Fix Gmail Calendar Not Syncing With Outlook?

In order to fix these problems, there are majorly two methods that we’ll discuss in this article. Firstly we have manual solutions, and secondly, we prefer professional solutions with the help of an Automated Tool. Users can easily fix this problem with professional solutions just by applying a few simple steps.

Manual Solutions to fix “ Outlook Not Syncing With Gmail ”

The problem may appear just with contacts, only when deleting emails, moving messages between folders, or with all aspects of an account. Although no official fix has been announced, there are multiple ways to fix this syncing problem.

1. Stop Using Google’s Free Sync Service 

Google Sync and Google Calendar are the two main services provided by Google to sync the data of Gmail over Outlook. But the breakpoint is Google stopped these two services in 2012. So those users who are using the free sync service may face this outlook 2016 not syncing with Gmail problems. Moreover, those who are using Premium syncing services will not come across such errors.

2. Avoid Unusual Updates

Updates KB2837618 and KB2837643 block IMAP folders from synchronizing completely. You must configure Outlook to use IMAP to sync with Gmail. Once you uninstall these updates, you’re able to re-sync your account. Microsoft suggests staying away from forthcoming updates until the issue is settled or another update is delivered.

3. Need to Reset

Sometimes too many settings are changed which leads to many problems. Reset Gmail and Outlook accounts, in order to resolve this problem. No data is lost during the process as all email remains on Google’s servers.

4. How to reset Gmail Account

  1. Open Outlook then go to File> Account Settings
  2. Now, opt for your Gmail account and hit on the Delete button.
  3. Return to the File menu and tap on Add account.
  4. Enter your Gmail ID and tap on Connect button. Choose Google when prompted.
  5. Finally, enter your password and tap on the Sign In button to finish the process.

5. How to reset Outlook Account

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Click on Select File > Add account.
  3. Enter the login credentials then tap on Sign in.
  4. Lastly, add an email and tap on Connect.

6. A Premium Outcome

If you’re looking for a free version of Gmail to sync with Outlook? You will not able to sync with the free version because it’s no longer supported by Google.  Although Outlook allows syncing with IMAP. But Google is available with sync when you upgrade to a premium Google Apps account. A premium account can fix this syncing problem.

Limitations of Manual Solutions

  • Very complex method.
  • Only experienced technical users can find the correct approach.
  • Resetting or interfering with any setting does not guarantee data security.

Professional Solution to Resolve “ Outlook Not Syncing With Gmail ”

It is very good to solve your problem by yourself, but if you are still not able to sync your Outlook account with Gmail, use the IMAP Email Backup Tool. This software is the direct method to solve Outlook not syncing with Gmail without any problem.

This Software brings convenience to the users for moving IMAP emails to other email clients like Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Thunderbird, and other IMAP server accounts. The software also simply allows you to backup IMAP emails to PST, OST, MSG, PDF, MBOX, EML, and EMLX.


In this article, you have learned about many methods to fix Outlook not syncing with Gmail. But among them, there is a direct method available which users prefer to fix this problem. I hope this blog will help you to find the complete solution.

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