5 Startup Tools That Marketers Are Using In This Pandemic


Marketing is a significant part of any business. It is considered the heart of the business. If you just started a business and it has been running for four years in the market field. Everywhere marketing is the key.

Are you covering the pandemic time? Well, very fine. Do you know the market tools that can enhance your business after the pandemic time? 

For a start-up business, without a proper marketing strategy, you cannot hold your potential customers. Start-ups should take the most appropriate market strategies to boost brand awareness and sales and get customers. 

However, it is not easy for young companies to pick up lucrative marketing strategies. In this case, a general Practice Attorney and marketing tool helps you to analyze the market. 

This article is going to present: 

  • Top five best marketing tools for startup
  • Key features 
  • Pricing

Start-up Marketing Tools:  It Will Surely Help You Out

A real estate lawyer knows how to analyze the market to prepare a market strategy. But, as a startup business owner, you should know the market matrix. However, relevant features of these marketing tools can track data and analyze it properly. 

Let’s see the five best tools to enhance the business by applying the best effective market strategies. 

1. Google Analytics

Google analytics is completely free for startups. Google’s marketing platform provides many tools for marketers. Google Analytics is one of them.  


  • You can easily connect with Google Analytics Startup Tools.  If you have a Gmail account, then it takes just a few minutes to access this tool. 
  • Beginners in the business field must track their traffic data. And, they should know the source of the traffic, whether it came from organic ways, PPC ads, search engines, or social media. 

             Google analytics can define the different sources of traffic. 


  • Marketers will get data reports. This data helps you to understand the customer’s behavior, 

         Customer engagement, customer demand, and the business approach. But this tool cannot provide suggestions for corporate laws and regulations. In this case, corporate Lawyers can help you. 


It is available for free in the digital market. Well, if you wish to go with Google Analytics 360, you must pay $150,000 per year. It is the starting price. 

2. Hootsuite

It is one of the common startup tool marketing tools for startups. This social media management tool can quickly line up your social media data. For social media marketing, Hootsuite is the greatest choice for social media marketers. 


  • It can analyze customers’ followers, likes, comments, and shares. 
  • This tool can handle more than 20 social media platforms. For Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin marketing, this tool can create a schedule for your daily posting.
  • Within a click, a Hootsuite can post content on a number of social media platforms. 
  • You can provide better service to customers. It will help you to increase engagement with customers. 
  • A start-up business always faces a problem in making a strong relationship with target audiences. Hootsuite helps you to do this. 


  • The professional program starts from $ 19 per month.
  • The business program started from $599 per month.
  • The team program comes with $98 per month.


3. HubSpot

Hubspot is famous for its SEO tools, marketing tools, and startup tools.  It can solve your digital marketing issues. From email marketing, Seo marketing, and content management, Hubspot is perfect.

No need to  tents for Law Firm SEO Services; this tool can solve all your problems,  


  • It plays a strong role in attracting potential customers. 
  • Hubspot also works on a CRM platform. Therefore, you can generate successful email marketing campaigns.
  • You can gather 1 million contracts by doing email marketing. 


It is free for beginners. If you want the premium version, pay $45. 

4. GetResponse

For those who want a free service that covers everything, GetResponse can help you out. More than 10,0000 companies get help from this tool. 

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  • You can handle all your marketing processes with just a few clicks.
  • It supports email marketing with auto-responses
  • No limit to push notifications. 


The basic plan starts from $12.3 per month. 

5. Hotjar

Hotjar is one of the notable startup tools for marketing. It can lead you to successfully run a website. By using this tool, you can understand which site you need to improve. 


  • It can survey your customer’s engagement.
  • You can know which segment you need to develop.
  • The graphical visualization feature assists your business. 


It is free for up to 35 sessions in a day. If You require 100 daily sessions, you need to subscribe “plus” and pay $39 per month. All pricing packages are available on Hotjar’s page. 

Bottom Line

These are the most effective marketing tools in the digital market. During the pandemic, the business field faced many issues. Now the time is to recover those issues and go ahead to success. 

Technology has provided many tools in the market. However, to run a successful business, you should use SEO tools, email marketing tools, or marketing tools. 

Although, these startup tools are all in one. They can provide different services. The market is all about understanding the market demand. This tool provides the best service to solve market problems. 

This guide will surely help you out. You can add many more tools if you wish to this list by commenting below. We would like to know your words. 

Guest article written by: John MacLeod is a passionate blogger. He loves to share his thoughts, ideas and experiences with the world through blogging. John MacLeod is associated with The Legal Guides, Lawyers Note, Simply Lawzone, Exclusive Rights, Lower My Legal Fees, and Lawyers Inventory.

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