7 tips to market your Salon Business Online

Effective marketing is essential to stay ahead in a competitive Salon industry. Using traditional means of marketing is not worthwhile these days. It’s time to brush up on your marketing efforts and integrate advanced technologies. Grow your Salon Business Online with Management Software. It is a solution that helps Salons to handle marketing and get you more customers.  How? Find out below!


Table of Contents

  1. How to market the Salon business?
  2. Easy Appointment Bookings
  3. Loyalty Programs
  4. Use Social media for Salon promotions
  5. Affiliate Marketing and Co-branding
  6. Make an Email Newsletter
  7. Prioritize Retargeting Ads
  8. Keep an eye on Online Reviews
  9. Conclusion

How to market the Salon business?

Easy Appointment Bookings 

Make it easy for the customers to book their appointment from the online salon appointment booking system. From the solution, you can check the free Salon staff and can book according to the suitable time slot. Assure you are investing in reliable Salon Software with which you can send notifications or SMS to remind customers about their upcoming appointments. 

Loyalty Programs 

The best thing you can do to make your customers revisit you is to offer them loyalty programs.  It is essential for them to feel that you are valuing them. However, getting extra or valuable is always liked by the customers.

Let say- the loyalty program provides customers with a stamp for initial five or six cuts or washes. Then, they receive the fifth one free of cost. 

Use Social media for Salon promotion

You can also use social media platforms to promote your salon products as it is quite an effective way of promoting your business. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, are the best social media channels to promote the services. It is advisable to include only those Salon elements for the promotion that is worth it for customers. 

Affiliate Marketing and Co-branding

It is the best brand-building marketing tip for your Spa. Therefore, you can use affiliate marketing by offering product-oriented deals to customers.  Start partnership with the local salons and run the promotions. Following this, and after the retail purchase, the customers can receive a discount for Salon services.  

Make an Email Newsletter

Take some time to check the customer’s emails from where they made an appointment with you. Later on, you can send email blasts several times a month. It signifies the daily activities of the Salon.

Furthermore, you can also include future promotions. In addition, you can also incorporate some important information that you want your customers to know. Sending reminders of upcoming reminders or pending payments also gives some personal touch.

Prioritize Retargeting Ads

It is also a technique of marketing that assists your Salon business to do its best. If a visitor visits your Salon site and searches for the services or products. However, has not purchased anything.  Next time, when they visit your social media pages or blogs, your salon name will appear on the screen that navigates them to the site. 

Keep an eye on Online Reviews

These days, the customers trust the existing customer’s reviews or recommendations more. To believe, 92% of the customers go through the reviews before purchasing any products or giving any service a try. It implies that the business with no reviews will have a negative impact on customers, as compared to the business that has fewer reviews.

Inspire your salon customers to give timely feedback and use the Salon software to track and revert the reviews at once. 


With an ideal marketing approach, the complicated Salon marketing process turns out to be easy. It would be better if, promptly, you are keeping a tab on every small element of your Salon.

We hope you will give a try to the mentioned tips. Do share your thoughts with us. Thanks for reading!

Guest article written by: Tan Chee Ling has been associated with Salonist since 2019. Reading novels is always on her bucket list. She loves to Assist businesses to manage their business through her writing skills.

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