How to Protect Yourself From Online Scams 



With the evolution of technology, much like anything else, even scammers have revolutionized themselves and their methods. Today, the ways in which one might be scammed have become far more complex and intricate for anybody to evade easily.  

So, we need to be exceptionally careful while filling up any kind of information anywhere on the web. Be it a gaming website like the many virtual escape rooms that are available these days or eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, it is always better to do a double check!  

Whom do they target?   

It’s generally hard to define a specific boundary for people who are usually targeted by scammers. Hence, it is, therefore, better to say that almost anyone can be prey to the heinousness of these crimes.  People from all sorts of backgrounds, classes, caste, creed, races, or gender may be targeted by scammers. So yes, we are all vulnerable to online scams at any point in our lives. The major specialty (if it may be so-called) of these scammers is the way in which they catch the victim off-guard in a very unprecedented way.   

How can you protect yourself? 

Despite the fact that online scams usually happen in ways that we don’t see them coming, there are, however, a few things that all of us ought to keep in mind while we use the internet to reduce our chances of falling prey to it. Let us show you what they can be: 

1. Remain aware of the general notion of online scams 

Well, this is by far the most basic and yet one of the most crucial things that we need to do. It can include all those times when you come across any kind of suspicious contacts or websites or emails, and you wonder whether or not to open and check it.  

 But DON’T! In a vast majority of cases, these have often turned out to be ways of scamming people.  

2. Always take your time to know who is sitting behind the screen 

Another most vital thing that we often forget to do is, knowing the very person with whom we are dealing in the online platform. Without even knowing the person properly enough, people end up divulging far too much information about themselves and thereby end up being a victim of online scams!  

 If at any point of time, you feel insecure about the legitimacy of any person or business with whom you are dealing, it is always better to do a bit of groundwork first. You can opt for a simple Google search even to gather at least some basic information before you go on talking to the person.  

3. Stay away from suspicious pop-up windows or texts! 

Often you may find links or attachments that have come to you through emails; do not open them at all costs. These are, more often than not, ways of scamming people.  

Many people are scammed in this way through the opening up of pop windows and links provided via email or texts. Don’t fall prey to them and stay away from opening them.  

4. Always keep your personal details very securely 

Keeping all of your personal details in the most secure way possible is one of the most vital things that you need to do. In doing this, make sure that you never keep your pin numbers and passwords anywhere on the web.  

 If by any chance a scammer gets access to your pin numbers or passwords, they shall thereby be able to pervade across all of your financial and personal details. So, to stay safe, it is always best to keep all of your important details closed up and secured.  


Online scams can happen to anyone and at any time of the day. Keep your eye open for any suspicious activity whenever you use the internet! According to records, almost every year, millions of people fall prey to such scams both online and even in offline mode. As the scammers make use of the updated and latest forms of technology to get access to your financial and personal details, it has become all the more important for us to remain alert at all times!   

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