How to Protect Yourself From Online Scams 

    With the evolution of technology, much like anything else, even scammers have revolutionized themselves and their methods. Today, the ways in which one might be scammed have become far more complex and intricate for anybody to evade easily.   So, we need to be exceptionally careful while filling up any kind of information anywhere … Read more →

Defeating the Skimmer: Why Chip Cards Are the New, More Secure Way to Pay

Did you know the magnetic stripe on your credit card is made using technology that first emerged in the 1950s? Because it’s been around for so long, criminals have become experts at stealing the valuable information stored in that stripe. No wonder vendors worldwide are replacing swipe cards with the modern EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and … Read more →

Worried about using your credit card online?

Usually I’d say “don’t be”. There’s nothing wrong with using your credit card online, it’s mostly safe and mostly convenient at the same time. Just follow a few simple precautions to minimize the chances of being a victim of credit card fraud, such as: Never give your PIN code to anybody (you don’t need your … Read more →