North Korean hackers likely culprit behind $100M Cryptocurrency Heist

North Korean state-sponsored hackers were believed to be the possible perpetrators of a hack that resulted to the theft of around $100 million in cryptocurrency, according to the analysis of blockchain researchers. If verified to be true, then last week’s attack would make it the eighth this year 2022 – involving stolen funds worth $1 … Read more →

Top 6 Keyboard Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of

Keyboard hacks/shortcuts can boost productivity and save a ton of hassle! They are simple, easy, and you only need the keyboard. In this article, we’ll go over all of the main keyboard hacks that you probably never heard of. If you utilize these simple hacks, the mouse will even seem irrelevant. The reason for this … Read more →

Top 50 passwords you shouldn’t use – and learn how to create a strong password!

As you probably already know, Gawker media was compromised not long ago and  passwords belonging to their users went out on the Internet. Gawker media is behind several sites with Gizmodo probably being the most popular one, at least in the tech-world, I imagine. Based on the 188.279 passwords leaked, Graham Cluley from Sophos made … Read more →