7 Gift Card Hacks You Have to Try!

Before trying, let’s see what a gift card hack is. Gift card hacks are many tips and tricks one can use to make it easier to use cards, buy the best ones, save and get rid of unwanted gift cards, etc. So below is a list of hacks you can try to make things easier and more efficient: 

1. Selling And Buying Gift Cards

When you receive gift cards that are of no use to you and difficult for you to spend, one can take the help of a gift card reseller in such situations. You can sell your unwanted cards for cash, with the service of a gift card reseller. 

You might not receive the full value for the card, but enough cash is accepted, making the gift card’s selling better than holding onto it. One of the places where you can sell gift cards is Cardpool

Just like you, other people have cards they do not want. Such cards might be of help. In these cases, Gift card resellers usually buy gift cards at a discount, then add a price slightly higher but less than the actual cost. This can help you buy cards at a lower rate than their real worth and save money.

2. Stack Gift Cards to Save More

There are times when we are at a store, and the coupon won’t work as they might have expired. In such a case, discount gift cards can be helpful. This allows you to stack discount gift card savings on your products and pay the rest left. 

3. In Case You Lose A Gift Card

We often lose a gift card, and the chance to get them back is minimal to avoid that one can write the information on a piece of paper or organize them in a gift card app. Another way is to take a picture of every gift card you have with their front, back, and personal identification number (PIN). Once used, you can delete the images. This way, you can use the card for online payments if you lose the card.

4. Remembering To Use Gift Cards And Keep Track Of Gift Card Balances

We often have gift cards, but forget to use them. In this case, make sure that you always place the gift cards in your wallets to keep your money or payment cards. This way, you’ll always be reminded of using gift cards.

Keeping track of gift card balance can be done by checking online before using the card through apps. Another way is to write them down in a notebook. Another way is to write the balance on the card itself. Just be careful not to cover the essential details such as the PIN.

5. How To Use Egift Cards At Restaurants 

There are times when you have an egift card on your phone, but the waitress brings a paper bill. In such a case, write the card number and PIN on the receipt. The waitress can then take it back to the cash register and make the required payment. 

6. How To Cash A Small Balance For A Store Gift Card And Visa Gift Card

We are often present in situations when there is a small balance left on a gift card. In such cases, first, check where the card laws allow you to get the balance returned in cash. Another way is by asking the cashier itself. 

In some places, cashiers give back the small amount left in the card when the product is bought. In case the money is not refundable, then purchase something immediately, or else you might forget about it.

In the case of a visa gift card, the story is different. Here you can either use the card having less balance at a large department store or can buy something online such as on Amazon. You cannot get cash for a visa gift card

7. Spend The Visa Gift Card Online

Most of the online shopping carts use multiple store gift cards. However, they will accept one Visa gift card if you have entered gift card information into the debit or credit card. In case the Visa gift card does not have enough balance, then the entire transaction will decline. 

In such cases, first use the Visa gift card to buy a store egift card, depending on how much extra money you require for the product. Once done, you can enter both your credit card number and the egift card number into the online shopping cart and buy your item.


Though there are many hacks, you can try for a gift card via PrizeHog, as well. Ensure that once you are done with the gift card, instead of throwing, you can return it to the retailers to reuse it. You can also make crafts using the cards. There are various DIY tricks you can find online, which might be helpful for you. Reuse them rather than throwing them away to protect the environment. 

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