Top 50 passwords you shouldn’t use – and learn how to create a strong password!

As you probably already know, Gawker media was compromised not long ago and  passwords belonging to their users went out on the Internet. Gawker media is behind several sites with Gizmodo probably being the most popular one, at least in the tech-world, I imagine.

Based on the 188.279 passwords leaked, Graham Cluley from Sophos made a “top 50”-list over the most used passwords. Passwords which you might want to avoid using as they are really simple to guess and brute force hack:

It’s probable safe to assume that most of the passwords in the list above are only used on unimportant sites such as Gizmodo and not for anything more personal such as Facebook or e-mail accounts.

But why not spend a few minutes and learn how to actually create a strong and secure password that you can easily remember and others cannot easily guess/hack? Here’s how…

15 thoughts on “Top 50 passwords you shouldn’t use – and learn how to create a strong password!”

    • No sister! It’s not safe to use name in password. If you do that then anyone who knows your name can easily guess your password and you may got hacked! Be aware if this. Try to read this post once again and the watch the video also. Hope this will be helpful for you.

      **Another thing try using your name in the name box while commenting.

  1. Very nice post friend. I guess this will be helpful for all readers in selecting a safe and strong password. I just read a general survey on web which said that more than 40% passwords can be easily cracked by bruteforcing. This fact really needs attention.

  2. I’ve got to admit, I’ve used qwerty before.

    When that expired I went to asdfgh and then zxcvbn.

    Then I of course had to move on from the keyboard row methodology.


  3. I can’t believe admin isn’t in the list. I guess different systems would see different top passwords…or maybe that was the password of the guy who leaked the info =)

  4. Yeah, these passwords which are most used are included in password cracking dictionaries. No one should use these types of dictionaries.

  5. It is very important to choose the right password, and it is bad to use 123456 or password. Wow, I do really hope that people don’t use this on most sites.

  6. Very useful list and interesting movie. You can also use very personal things & numbers as passwords. The chance for hackers to find it out is a slim one.

  7. Very informative video. I don’t think people take security seriously. A person wonders why they are victim of indentity theft.

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