Instagram video marketing strategies: How to make engaging videos

Instagram is the most popular social media site in the entire world. It comes with various features like Video, Stories, Reels, Instagram and even Live. If you are a brand of products or services, if you are an individual personality brand that wants to reach the masses, you have to have an Instagram video in your social media strategy. Though it is important to make an engaging video, following a proper video marketing strategy for Instagram is the best idea. 

To make videos on Instagram, you can choose all four formats, Reels, Stories, Live, and Instagram video. If you witness the online platform, you will see that video content is everywhere. Now, most people watch Instagram videos or any other videos with an average of 91% as weekly reports. Though the formats at times look juggling, these formats are helpful for marketers to choose and connect with specific audiences. Now which format connects with you the best? To answer this question, you have to understand the marketing tips of social media.

How do you engage the audience with Instagram videos?

Hook start- you start with an interesting video, image appeal, or teaser, so it creates instant appeal to your audiences. Let them hook to your video from the start. If your video has nothing much to spay, let the caption works for you. So do not forget to write a killer caption and encourage people to click and watch the video. 

Create for Smartphone- 99% of people are on their phones nowadays. It is their lifeline, and you have to use their lifeline as your marketing strategy. The vertical video is what Instagram instantly connects with the audience. 

Offers value- show the magnetic personality, confidence in your eyes, and how you speak. Bring some comic relief in your conversational mode, which adds value to your content, but it must be simple, clear and easy. 

Schedule and batching- oh, it saves a lot and gives you time to plan for your upcoming videos. Scheduling and batching help you free your mind from clutter. 

Use of captions- now, this is a very important marketing tip because most people mute the sound of the video and watch it, and the reasons can be many. Hence, having captions in your video is the best way to connect with the audience. Even if they do not hear, they can read the caption to know exactly what the video is about. 

Consistency- posting one day and then after two months will not achieve the desired result. If you have to stay alive in your audiences’ eyes, you have to post regularly or schedule the posts per the content calendar, so people know about you and the timings of your posts. You can use the countdown sticker to create anticipation on the Instagram live and stories where your upcoming video will premiere. 

Video creation apps

There are many flutter web development video creation apps that you can use to make the most engaging videos. These apps are user-friendly and help you create videos that will be beneficial for making a good Instagram presence. It is something that you should look into and get professional help. 

Following the formats of Instagram videos, you must create a video that creates a long-lasting impression in the audience’s minds. Taking the professional Flutter app development services will help you gain success on Instagram. Follow all the above Instagram video marketing strategies and give the desired result. Not to forget that Instagram is the most popular social media platform. Every day millions of people join Instagram to create a brand name and following these strategies, you can make one. 

Guest article written by: Prashant Pujara is the CEO of MultiQoS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a front end development company india where you can hire developer for your business. He is in charge of the company’s commercial and delivery operations and strategic planning and strategy.

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