Why Investing in Interactive Design is Becoming Unavoidable for Businesses

The global UI and UX market is expected to generate over $180 billion in the next five years. The boom has come on the back of numerous businesses investing heavily in interactive and responsive website design. 

However, some businesses are skeptical about the popularity of interactive website designs. For such businesses, retaining customers online may become difficult in the future as interactive website designs take over the internet.

In this blog below, we’ll tell you the reasons why interactive website design built by professional website designers is crucial to your business’s online success. Take a look to learn why your business has to invest in interactive design today. 

What is Interactive Design?

A website built with interactive design is developed with an interactive approach. The purpose of website designers while working on an interactive design is to cater to the user’s needs, help them engage with the web interface, and take action accordingly. From its concept to its code, an interactive design enables two-way communication between a website and its visitor. 

Elements of Interactive Design

Here are some of the elements you can add to an interactive website design. 

  1. Interactive Tools: Games, quizzes, and navigation tools.
  2. Interactive In-Page Elements: CTA buttons or action-based content delivery.
  3. Social Media Buttons: To share on social media or see the direct feed from the business’s social media handles.
  4. Feedback Forms: To facilitate first-party data collection. 
  5. Chat Tools: Widgets that allow visitors to communicate with the website.
  6. VR and AI Tools: Allowing users to enhance their shopping experience on an e-commerce website.

Benefits of Investing in Interactive Design

If you’re not sure about whether to hire website designers to build an interactive website for you, then these benefits will prompt you. 

Higher Visitor Attention Span

The average time a user spends on a web page is 54 seconds. That’s less than a minute for you to grab your visitor’s attention. However, interactive tools on a website can help businesses keep the visitors on the website a little longer by improving their attention span. 

Improved Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to the time a user spends on a website page and leaves (bounce back). Naturally, a higher bounce rate negatively impacts a page’s SEO rankings. But with a higher attention span, your bounce rate will naturally improve. 

Increased Customer Engagement

Interactive tools on a website are meant to engage in one-on-one communication with a website visitor. Professional website design services strategically place interactive tools to increase customer engagement and boost a brand’s image. 

Better User Experience

At the core of investing in website design is one goal: to improve the user experience (UX) of a website. Interactive design can help you enhance a customer’s experience with your website and brand. 

Improved Conversion Rates

Visitors who stay longer on a website will naturally move toward taking a desired action. This gives the website’s conversion rate a boost. If you’re looking to improve your website’s conversion rate and have exhausted all techniques, it may be time to hire professional website designers to work on interactive designs. 

Boost for SEO Ranking

Bounce rate and customer engagement have a direct relationship with a website’s SEO ranking. While there are numerous ways to improve SEO ranking, an interactive website design is the key to materializing other strategies. 

Long-Term Memory Retention

When a visitor engages with your website, spends more time on your site than other web pages, and responds to the CTA, the user will remember your website. This means that eventually, a website visitor will remember your brand and come back again. 

Easier to Update

Not only is a responsive web design great for improving a website’s ranking and customer engagement, but it also works well for the business when it’s time to update the website next. It’s easier to update an interactive design rather than build one from scratch. 

Cost-Effective to Maintain

Because of the simplicity of the design and the code, it’s cost-effective to maintain an interactive website. This makes a website more secure and reliable for its end-users as well as efficient from a business’s perspective. 

Better ROI for Interactive Design

If you’re enthusiastic about churning ROI by hiring website design services, then working on an interactive design can nearly guarantee a better ROI than a static design. 

Long-Term Utility

Because the internet is constantly evolving and the trends in the UI and UX change accordingly, investing in interactive design has long-term utility. As a business, you won’t have to worry about your design becoming outdated too quickly or losing its charm. 

Gain Customer’s Trust

Because visitors interact with your website through a responsive design, it establishes a relationship. This can help a business gain trust of its customers and improve its first-party data collection as well. 

Build a Brand’s Identity 

As said earlier, an interactive design helps build a brand’s image both online and offline. So for businesses seeking to strengthen their brand’s identity among potential customers, hiring professional website design services for interactive design is crucial. 

Guest article written by: The author is a UI, UX expert and website developer at Search Berg. The author has worked on a number of interactive website designs for clients across a wide range of industries. 

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