Elon Musk’s Twitter updates – More Layoffs loom as Kanye West, Trump reinstated

Kanye West makes test tweet after discovering account was “unblocked”

Kanye West, commonly known as Ye, has made a comeback on Twitter.

A few weeks ago, his account got suspended for violating Twitter’s community guidelines around hate speech. Now, he was reinstated right after Musk became the new owner.

He made a test tweet, followed by “Shalom : )”


Donald Trump reinstated on Twitter

At long last, it appears that Donald Trump is back on Twitter.

After creating a poll to decide whether to bring him back or not, Elon Musk ultimately reinstated former American president Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

As he made the announcement, he wrote, “The people have spoken. Trump will be reinstated. Vox Populi, Vox Dei.”

The poll ended 51.8% versus 48.2% in favor of Trump, with more than 15 million votes on the poll. The former president has yet to tweet from his newly-reinstated account.

However, Trump isn’t keen on returning, saying he sees “a lot of problems at Twitter” and will stick to his own social media platform, Truth Social.


Musk’s ultimatum sends away 1,200 more employees

The Tesla CEO gave Twitter employees an ultimatum: either stay with the company and work long hours in a “more hardcore” version of Twitter, or just leave with severance pay. In an unexpected twist, more workers in technical roles decided to leave, as compared to those in partnerships, sales and similar roles, according to people familiar with internal matters.

A report by the New York Times said that about 1,200 more employees may have left Twitter after Musk’s ultimatum. The news outlet estimates that Twitter initially had 7,500 employees, then 3,700 remained after the mass layoffs, and now the latest employee count has plummeted down to around 2,500.


More Twitter employees could be laid off on Monday, this time in Sales

According to a Bloomberg report, Musk is mulling to fire more Twitter employees on Monday, November 21. This time, he will be laying off people on the sales and partnership side of the business.

After mass resignations among engineers were made on Thursday, Twitter so far has been decimated to around a third of its workforce population since Elon Musk took over the company, and it is highly likely that number could still go down.