What is Social Media Listening? How Does It Help Businesses

In today’s competitive digital business environment, there are millions of customers who are talking about the brand they interact with. They are likely to discuss the product or services they use, customer services issues, and more on social media. As people are becoming more accustomed to social and digital marketing, it has opposed traditional advertising.

Most people these days are trusting online comments and reviews shared by others on social media, forums, and other sources on the internet. More than 84% of people trust online reviews in the same manner as their friends, while 91% of people regularly and occasionally read online reviews, helping them make the decision quickly. Around 68% take a decision after reading more than one review. As more customers trust online reviews, this is why social listening is so important.

What is Social Media Listening?

Social media listening simply refers to analyzing the trends and conversations happening around your brand, helping you have insight and make a better decision. Social media listening makes it easier for you to know where, how, and why these conversations are happening and what their potential customers are thinking about.

It also makes it easier for business entrepreneurs to know when people are mentioning and tagging their brand. This makes it straightforward for future campaigns to develop an effective influence program, enhance content strategy & messaging, outpace the competition, and build impactful brand partnerships.

How Does Social Media Listening Help Businesses?

More than 82% of professionals see social listening key planning, while 61% of businesses are using a social listening system to monitor, including the keyword. Most brands feel that social listening is a highly valuable process, whereas 82% feel that it is a key element to achieving success.

Social media listening is the best way to get answers to all the questions; it is more effective compared to social media monitoring. Social monitoring and listening are quite similar, while there are few differences between the two. Brands use social media monitoring to monitor and keep track of all relevant and mentioned conversations. In most cases, it helps them to engage their audiences whenever required. On the other hand, Social listening is more complex. It is typically used to track keywords, specific topics, niches, audiences, and brands across various social media platforms to collect information.

Understand Your Target Audience

Social listening helps businesses to understand crucial data about their potential audience. This includes things like online activities and preferred social channels. It helps brands to understand what the audience thinks about a few topics and the overall sentiment about their company.  

Social media listening helps brands to understand their customers’ needs, pain points, wants, and different questions they might have based on the content they see, read, and share on the platform. This includes questions they ask openly and overall sentiment towards various topics and keywords.

Edge on Your Competition

You can identify the keywords for your business and track all the mentions related to your brand products or service. You can choose trendy keywords related to your brand, including music streaming apps like Spotify, a streaming solution, or streaming platform development if you own a music streaming business. You can even use any other as per your business type.

Lots of brands are using modern tools and technology in marketing to leverage competitive benefits. But others lack in using it, making it difficult for them to reach their targeted goals. Many a time, brands use social media to find what competitors are sharing about their competitors’ products and services, you can perform the same activity. This can provide you with the opportunity to grab the right customers with ease.

Create a Better Content Strategy

Social media listening is the best option if you are looking for low-budget marketing ideas to promote your business. You can learn about the audience as much as possible as it can help you identify how your social channels should be implemented. Find what kind of content resonates better with your targeted audience through the combo of both social media experimenting and listening.

Having deep insight into your customers’ preferences can help you create different content types and check what performs best for you. Social listening allows you to search what hashtags and topics your audience uses the most. This makes it straightforward for you to use hashtags and issues that improve your qualified leads in the best manner possible.

Facilitate Your Influencer Marketing

Searching for the right influencers proves to be a significant challenge. Influencer marketing is one of the great tools to attract more customers and sales. You can get help from micro-influencers as they can help you build a strong brand reputation with the targeted audience; they also help you to improve engagement rates and trust.

Identify Influencers and Brand Advocates

Many brands are using Instagram Reels and Youtube videos to market their business as they have understood the importance of social media marketing. You can also use these platforms to find what your customers share about your brand and the products and originally spread positive news related to the brand, providing opportunities for influencer relationships. Happy consumers are always ready to talk about your brand, helping you to grab your targeted goals in a short time.

Track Your Brand Mentions

One of the top benefits of social listening is its ability to track business mentions across different social channels, making it easier for you to discover all comments related to your brand. This is foremost if you want to stay on top of people’s remarks about your company on social channels. 

When you consider this, you are allowed to respond to all the mentions as early as possible; it will help you acknowledge positive mentions while making it easier for you to control the damage on negative mentions. It is crucial for brands to have an eye on social mentions as it helps them to address customers’ complaints on social platforms they are on. 

It is also crucial as people to judge their brands by how they have been responded to by the company. When brands respond to customers’ queries effectively and professionally, this can help them get new customers and keep the existing happy. It also helps to eliminate taking an unfavorable decision that can’t be controlled and result in any sorts of negative effects.


If your company has a solid presence on social platforms, then it is a wise option to integrate social listening into your social media marketing strategy. It helps you know what people say about your product, brand, competitors, and more; it makes it easier for you to take your brand to a better position and helps you improve your organization.

You need to understand that social media listening needs some degree of automation and technology support to effectively and accurately measure and collect information. The right technology will endow you access to all mentions across blogs, social news, videos, reviews, and more.

Guest article written by: Gaurav Kanabar is the Founder and CEO of Alphanso Tech, an India-based IT Consulting company that provides a Cryptocurrency Exchange Script, Metaverse Development Services, music, and video app development services to individuals as per their specific demands. Besides this, the founder also loves to deliver excellent content helping readers to have deep insight into the topic.

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