7 Reasons You Should Use Animation in Your Ad Campaign

If you’re planning an ad campaign, animation is one of the most innovative, creative and eye-catching ways to advertise your business. 

Animation is classified as any content where still figures are manipulated to seem like they are moving, with famous examples including films such as Dumbo and Inside Out

There are many ways that animation can rejuvenate your advertisement content. 

If you are planning an advertisement campaign, you should incorporate animation because it can:

  1. Be More Engaging
  2. Provide Timeless Content
  3. Capture the Essence of Your Business
  4. Boost Sales 
  5. Evoke Emotion
  6. Simplify Complex Content
  7. Be Cost Effective

1. Be More Engaging

The bright colours and swift movements of animation make the advertisement more engaging for a variety of audiences. 

Commonly used for children’s entertainment, animation is eye-catching because it keeps viewers hooked on the content with clean transitions and unique ability to tell stories.

Reports have even shown that animation also provides a 20% higher click rate in comparison to live-action content, clearly showing the appeal of animation.

2. Provide Timeless Content

Unlike live-action content, which can easily become dated due to camera quality and fashion of the time, animation is more timeless. 

Not only is animation designed to look sleek and modern, animation can also be replicated accurately. As such, if you wanted a second round of similar advertisements years down the line, animation would help to keep these two adverts similar in style. 

Alternatively, if you were to use a live-action cast, circumstances may lead you to have to recast your crew which can impact consistency.

Timeless content is invaluable in business and will keep you ahead of the competition.

3. Can Capture the Essence of Your Business

A huge advantage of using animation is that it can inject humour and joy into otherwise mundane content. 

If you are selling an exciting product or service, you want it to appear in the best light possible and create an advertisement worthy of your business. 

Animation is a great way to capture what your brand represents, without having to sacrifice entertainment, which can be more difficult to replicate with live-action advertisements. 

4. Boost Sales 

Animation can also have a significant impact on sales. In fact, having an animation on your website ‘can generate up to 70% more sales’, helping to boost conversions by offering unique and engaging content. 

Think of the advertisements that you are compelled by. The more creative your advertisement is, the more likely it is to gain your target audience’s attention. 

Implement this within your own campaigns by using animation and you should see a boost in your sales as more people click through to your website at a 20% higher rate. 

5. Evoke Emotion

An animated advertisement is more likely to be remembered thanks to the emotion that animation can evoke. 

In fact, ‘animation can communicate and evoke emotion which actors or words simply cannot’, emphasising the impact they can have on your audience. 

In the digital age, providing unique content that is not only relatable, but also evokes some kind of emotion is important to keep consumers interested and engaged.

That said, it is a great idea to invest in animation to create a memorable ad campaign that resonates with your target audience.

6. Simplify Complex Content

Infographics and animation content is often used to simplify and bring humour to complex content. 

Whether you’re trying to convey a difficult graph or statistics, animation can act as a device to simplify this content into bullet points or a short sequence.   

Additionally, as there are fewer eyes working on the task, the simplification process is swift, enabling animators to focus solely on the statistics with fewer eyes complicating the process. 

7. Be Cost Effective

You may assume that hiring an animation company to create your advertisement would be expensive, however, this is not always the case. 

Compared to live-action advertisement costs, animation is a cost-effective way to form a creative advertisement. 

This is because a live-action film set requires a variety of people to work on the project, with every member of the team costing money to hire.

For a live-action shoot, if retakes were necessary, this would cost your business more money due to paying the actors and crew members fairly. However, when working with a team of editors, the cost is likely to be cheaper as consistency in animation is easier to achieve. 

To conclude, animation is a great way to get your business noticed in the digital era. Keep your business fresh and modern and incorporate animation into your advertisements this year. 

Written by Luthien on behalf of Buffoon Media, a media production company based in Port Talbot and London.