How Job Applicant Tracking System Help Recruiters


The core of good recruitment is a job applicant tracking system. As a result, this kind of software is becoming significant day by day, and so is the demand. A major contributing factor to this increased demand in ATS systems is that they enable recruiters to elevate hiring.

Moreover, the most important fact is that ATS usage enhances recruitment for quality hires. Now, let us understand what a job applicant tracking system exactly means. Why do recruiters need it? How can you choose the best job applicant system? Go ahead and discover answers to these questions by reading on.


What is a job applicant tracking system?

A job applicant tracking system is powerful computer software designed to streamline recruitment. From identifying and sourcing top talent to hiring and onboarding new employees, ATS systems can manage all end-to-end hiring activities. The software also automates all the manual and repetitive hiring tasks. 

This way, the applicant tracking system saves the recruiters’ time by reducing their work of performing heavy-lifting hiring tasks. 


What is the need for a job applicant tracking system?

Recently, almost all recruiters have been struggling to find qualified candidates for their open roles. Similarly, job seekers are finding it challenging to find the perfect jobs. It is all because of the high competition in the US employment market. If we specifically talk about businesses, finding top talent has never been as challenging as today! 

A job applicant tracking system can be a highly efficient tool in the current business scenario. This modern software solution can not only help you source qualified candidates and track their progress but also schedule interviews and evaluate hiring results. And the best thing that you cannot miss out on is that the software ensures 100% accuracy and efficiency. 

Therefore, modern recruiters should rely on the applicant tracking system to fill their open roles with the candidates that best meet their needs.


Who uses a job applicant tracking system?

Usually, employment or staffing agencies use software like resume screening systems, ATS, candidate relationship management, and interview scheduling. Besides this, even corporate HRs rely on a job applicant tracking system and other hiring software to boost their hiring efficiency. That is because the software can effectively satisfy the diverse needs of these markets and get the job done. Let us see how!

1- Staffing or recruitment agencies: 

Staffing agencies help business organizations fill their job vacancies quickly with the top candidates. Using an ATS for staffing agency, you can – 

  • Attract and source millions of candidates worldwide through job boards.
  • Parse and store thousands of resumes in your database.
  • Screen hundreds of candidates based on the assessment results.
  • Identify and find the most qualified candidates from the large talent pool.
  • Build meaningful relationships with clients.
  • Send automated emails to multiple candidates.
  • Generate interactive reports instantly.

2- Corporate HRs:

Corporate HRs focus on identifying, attracting, sourcing, and hiring the best talent for their open positions. Using the corporate ATS, you can – 

  • Post jobs and advertisements automatically on your company’s career page.
  • Automate your job posting process on the free job boards and platforms.
  • Offer a seamless experience to the candidates.
  • Find the most suitable candidates using the resume screening feature.
  • Screening resumes by looking into the abilities and qualifications of the potential candidates.
  • Run background checks on candidates.
  • Create brief, flexible schedules for the interviewed candidates.

What are the features of a job applicant tracking system?

As an employer or a business owner, you need to know the best features of a job applicant tracking system. It is the only way by which you can leverage this new technology to hire the best candidates promptly. Here are some key features of ATS software that you can use to increase your hiring efficiency:

  • Customized career page

Your company’s career page reflects the work culture, values, and work environment of your company. All top ATS systems offer career page layouts that you can customize based on your needs. This way, you can use the ATS to set up your company’s career page and source candidates by posting about your open roles on your career page.

  • Integration with job boards

With ATS software, you can automatically create and post jobs on various online job boards and other platforms. Other platforms include job posting websites, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), and your company’s career page. Nonetheless, job postings and integration to the job boards may be less or different from one ATS to another.

  • Custom job application

The job application feature of an ATS system enables you to create a personalized application. Candidates can use this application and upload their information and data. Candidate information refers to resumes, cover letters, assessment tests, and contact details. Lastly, you can use the custom job application feature to learn about candidates’ backgrounds.

  • Automated communication tools

Nearly all ATS software provides automated communication tools for interacting and conversing with candidates. The candidates can also make use of the automated chatbots to get connected with you and clarify any concerns. Hence ensuring that from the start of the hiring process to when a new hire is made, there is a continuous flow of communication.

  • Candidate interview scheduling

Job applicant tracking system offers interview scheduling features that will eliminate the need for you to write long emails and call candidates to schedule interviews. You can conveniently use the ATS software to send automated emails to candidates that will include a link to book interview slots. Candidates can use this link to select the interview dates and times that suit their needs the best.

You might be thinking of investing in a job applicant tracking system now that you know all its significant features. But the question is, do you know how to choose the ideal ATS system? If not, there is no need for you to worry, as we will cover this aspect in the next step.


Choosing an ATS system: What are the tips to consider?

Locating a high-quality job applicant tracking system is central to getting quality hires. However, the most brilliant recruiters also sometimes miss the ideal software for their organization. 

Therefore, such inefficient software is an unjustifiable investment in terms of its cost and time for the company. As a result, it is essential to make a few remarks and advice on choosing the best ATS recruitment software. Here are some vital factors you should be aware of: 

  • Know your needs

First, it is vital to know why exactly you need an ATS before investing in one. However, you should know why a specific type of software and what functions it offers will help meet your specific recruitment requirements. 

Most importantly, do not fail to take into account your hiring budget. Thus, compare the cost of a few ATS software in the market before settling for a preferred one.

  • Understand the software

Most cloud software service providers in the USA offer user-friendly and easy-to-understand job applicant tracking systems. However, evaluating the software and understanding its features and functions may become difficult for you and your HR team. 

Thus, choose the free software trial to work closely with your cloud-based software vendor. This way, you can clear all your doubts regarding how the software works and how you can evaluate its results better.

  • Map out your hiring pattern

Mapping out your hiring workflow is essential to judge which automated resume screening system can help you every step of the way. Every business organization has a unique hiring pattern, recruitment strategies, and business goals. 

In other words, all companies have unique ways of moving candidates through the recruitment funnel. Therefore, you must take your time to understand the company’s hiring workflow and business requirements before you sign up for a free ATS system demo or trial.

  • Look for specific features

ATS software features like seamless integration, mobile recruiting, interview scheduling, data privacy, and security are no longer a luxury as they are requirements. You should ensure that the ATS you choose for your business has all the features you need to streamline hiring. 

In addition, make sure that whichever job applicant tracking system you choose comes with high-end data protection and privacy functions. That is so because recruitment data and information are private and sensitive, and you cannot afford to leak it at any cost. 

Therefore, if you remember and follow the above tips while selecting an ATS system for your business, you will have a higher chance of choosing the best software!

Final thoughts

Buying a top-of-the-range job applicant tracking system may indeed help in many different ways. You can recruit the best talent faster and create a favorable company brand in the job market. Hence, it is a wise investment! 

Are you still uncertain about that specific ATS for your firm? 

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