How to Rise in the World of Cybersecurity

The trend of online cybersecurity courses is slowly picking up pace in this modern technology-driven world. If you are having trouble guiding your career in the right direction, below are some tips that can help you get on the right track. Passion and Evaluation  Many people tend to see the difference between something that is … Read more →

Disney Plus hikes Price, new ad-supported tier coming December

Disney is the latest entertainment company to announce a substantial price hike. The Walt Disney Company launched its own exclusive streaming service named Disney+ in late 2019 for an affordable $7.99 per month with no ads. However, things will change starting December 8, as Disney will be introducing an ad-supported tier of their streaming service … Read more →

HubSpot and Shopify Hand In Hand For Your Business Growth

Today the world has turned tech-savvy with new software and technology hitting the market by the drop of a minute. There’s software for each and every task that humans wish to accomplish. This is the reason why a single software can’t cover each and every process present in the world. Even though there are attempts … Read more →

6 Different Types of Ice and Some Ways to Use Them

LA summers can be particularly harsh, and people look for relief in the form of cold beverages and food. The demand for ice goes up right as summers begin, both for residential and commercial use. This is why many restaurants invest in on-site ice machine rental in LA and come up with exciting ways to … Read more →

‘People Cards’ to be launched on Google Search

Google just recently announced that it’s testing a new feature on Google search called “People Cards.” It’s a small but notable change that could have a meaningful impact on how users find information about individuals online. If you have a profession or are interested in building your brand, this update will be helpful to you. … Read more →

Data-Driven Testing: What, why, when, and how

What is Data-Driven Testing? Data-driven testing, which is also known as table-driven or parameterized testing, is a testing methodology where the test scripts or test data are read from data files instead of hardcode values. Hardcode values are the ones that are manually entered while writing the test steps.  A data file contains input data … Read more →

How Does RFID Location Tracking Work?

In 1945, Leon Theremin invented a small listening device for the Soviet Union — He christened it “the Thing.” It was a tool that retransmitted incident radio waves with added audio info. This little device, a covert spy gadget in line with the 007 mentalities of the day, is today considered the predecessor of the … Read more →

An Insight Into Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Since the world started accepting the necessity of being digitized, innovations like blockchain and its branch cryptocurrency wallet have gotten an enormous amount of hype and importance. This time, when we are talking about cryptocurrency and digital wallets, more than 83.32 million users have enrolled to step into the cryptocurrency world with cryptocurrency wallets. A … Read more →