How To: iCal Birthday Reminders With Alarm (iCalBirthdays 2.0)

Here’s a quick and really neat trick for Mac users who would like to have birthdays listed in iCal. As default, your Mac will easily display birthdays in iCal, based on dates from your Addressbook, but it can’t give you an alarm and there’s no way to modify the events to do so. So, somebody … Read more →

PTHPasteboard Alternatives For Snow Leopard: Clipboard Evolved & Jumpcut

I’ve been using PTHPasteboard as my clipboard manager in Leopard for quite some time. I never really liked it, it didn’t feel “Mac like”. It was a combination of it’s visual appearance when you needed to retrieve something from your clipboard and also the settings – it just didn’t feel Mac’ish, you know? But I … Read more →

Glossy MacBook Pro Screen Is Not All Bad – On The Contrary…

Who ever said that glossy screens sucked because of their reflection, clearly never had to watch Manchester United vs Arsenal on a TV located behind them… Once you try a glossy screen you’ll instantly notice that something is different, if it’s not the reflection from a light or something, it’s the increased contrast due to … Read more →

Apple Just Released Mac OS X 10.5.8 Update

Apple just released software update 10.5.8 for Mac OS X Leopard. This update upgrades Safari to version 4.0.2 as well as accuracy of full history search in Safari 4. Also some minor improvements and fixes within Bluetooth, iCal, MobileMe Sync, CalDav, AirPort networks. You can read all the details about the 10.5.8 update at Apples … Read more →