How is Blockchain Technology Reshaping Enterprise World?

Blockchain, the technology that entered the market as the backbone of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, is now eking out space in a wide range of industries and fields. The technology is gradually disrupting different business verticals, such as Finance, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Real Estate, Media, Entertainment, Government, etc. Blockchain technology is not just adding value to … Read more →

TechPatio now blogs about Cryptocurrency – also open for guest authors

Blockchain and cryptocurrency has become more and more mainstream in recent years and we can also feel the interest is rising. Therefor we have decided to create a new category here on TechPatio, called Cryptocurrency. In this new category we will blog about crypto related things, including blockchain, Bitcoin, altcoins etc. Guest authors are of … Read more →

Blockchain Technology In The Gambling Industry

The times they are a changing. Just about everyone is aware of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency allegedly created by ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. Initially seen as something of a curiosity, Bitcoin defied its critics and went on to become something of a phenomenon, and almost a symbol for the autonomy the internet enjoys from forms of regulation. Estimated … Read more →